Discussion in 'Submariners' started by GJT59, Mar 14, 2007.

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  1. On a SSBN/SSN can I really expect to do a 6 on 6 off routine (as per the glossy brochure) or does this vary....?
  2. That all depends on what branch you join and what class you serve on.
  3. On SSNs (typically): For'd watchkeepers work 6 on 6 off dived, but do get on-watch standdowns, if quiet and at OOW discretion. For Passage Routine some of them end up 1 in 3. Back Afties, most watchkeep 1 in 3, EOOW/ NCOW normally 1 in 4. As for 4 knotters (SSBNs), they I believe work some strange routines. As you can see by my "moniker" I'm not one!!! :smile:
  4. What kind of work routine could i expect as boat LO???

    I understand that I would also be expected to be OOW at certain times??
  5. What class of boat??
  6. Grateful if you could provide info on both classes....
  7. SSBN's back aft start off 1in3 then go 1in4 or better when trainies quilify fwd generally work 6 on 6 off for a fair bit of the trip but depending on the CO will go 1in3 with standoffs and standby routines
  8. He's going to be an LO so will be a plastic Plot Monkey (on SSBNs). 1 in 2 or 1 in 3 depending on the CO. As a Plot Monkey you'll get to colour in the weather print outs.

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