Boat Name - assistance requested

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by FlagWagger, Apr 18, 2008.

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  1. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer


    I'm in need of some inspiration - I'll soon be taking delivery of a new toy, similar to that shown in the photo below.


    While I've got the legally required registration number, calling a boat ON12<blah><blah> doesn't really have the personal touch. I've dredged my imagination for suitable names and come up with the following thoughts:

    - WetDebt
    - KnotWorking
    - A l'eau c'est l'heure

    Can anyone suggest alternatives that her indoors would find acceptable and that would be appropriate for an ex-part-time bunting living as an expat in Eastern Ontario - ladies, gentlemen and stokers the floor is yours!
  2. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    Shy Talk
  3. Buntings retreat!
  4. What about "Leydene"?


  5. I always swore if I ever bought a boat I'd name it "Yacht on my Stbd Bow" and then position in it in the main channel of Guzz harbour early on Thursday mornings
  6. Crossing the T

    Gunner's Daughter

    Nice Aft

    Current Address


    Ship for Brains

    Ship Happens


    Flounder Pounder

    Jumping Tuna

    Fraid Knot

    Fish Tank

    Seas the Day
  7. shipmate
  8. Thats the one for me!
  9. Meander "Me-and-er"

  10. Passing Wind

  11. c u jimmy
    if your a scot
  12. Morning Royal - F**k off Jack

    Just a thought, I'll get my coat. :thumright:
  13. "Rum Runner"
  14. I'm all for that one.
  15. Target
  16. Money Pit

    Silly Bunt
  17. 'Bunt-osser'
  18. Mrs Thatcher
  19. 'Radio Check Dick Head'.

    As in "Solent Coastguard, Solent Coastguard, Solent Coastguard, this is Radio Check Dick Head.......

    You get my drift!

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