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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Woogi, Mar 30, 2009.

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  1. Hi me again with more questions.

    I was wondering if there is options to gain boating certs/license/experience (not sure how it works) that will allow me in later years to capt/skipper a boat once I leave the navy as this is a dream of mine.

    Would I have to be in a specific role to gain this experience or is there options to gain the qualifications whilst in any role?

    question sounds abit stupid but don't know how else to ask.
  2. If you mean sailing boats then there should be ample opportunities once you have finished your basic and trade training to learn to sail and even obtain the required certificates. Most establishments have access to sailing craft.
    It's up to you to grab all the chances that serving in the RN offer, for Wafus why not get your glider pilots licence, very cheap, just takes up a lot of valuable drinking/bonking time :p
  3. when you say boat im taking your meaning yachts or small craft yes? If so then yes all seaman specialists and some warfare specialists and stokers get the chance to get there rya level 2 powerboat ticket at JP. The best job for this is obviously seaman spec but believe it or not small boat driving is not a huge thing in the navy. If this is the route you wanna take i would suggest Royal Marine Landing Craftsman who are trained to a much higher standard over the course of their careers than pussers coxswain`s. Or alternatively if you havent got the "state of mind" for the bootnecks and are not willing to bang out a few tours of afghan as a GD bootneck the try the army seaman branch. Again they are trained to a higher standard of small boat seamanship the the RN.

    If the navy is what you want however it is possible to do safety boat and day skipper courses at JP but they are not run all the time and you would have to be "in the club" so to speak to get on them, ie eventually work down at JP. These courses however do yeild professional qualifications so were you to pursue them in your own time and at your own expense then you could claim a percentage of the cost back through enhanced learning credits.

    Oh one more thing, if you went sea spec and eventually got a draft to JP on the rib circuit they wold train you to advanced powerboat instructor.
  4. In short - yes! Everything from crewing a dinghy to Ocean Yachtmaster is possible and also all manner of powerboat tickets. Many study at sea for the more intense elements. Good luck!

    PS, once you have some of the 'better' tickets, you'll get invited on lots of expeds!
  5. Haha, can't be missing out on any of that!

    I'm really stuck on choosing a role at the moment.

    Seaman specialist seems pretty kewl, but like with other trades are you pushed towards different roles e.g. driving a rib, or mainly on comms.

    Finding it really hard to find the info on what the different roles within the trades invovle and if you are pushed in a certain direction.

    SS is only one idea, but I would really like a job where I have a alot of influence and responsibility where it gives me a challenge and a chance to shine.
  6. reference your last i would steer clear of the mob then hahaha

  7. I would definatly prefer to stick with the navy.

    I'm really crap with the lingo so I have to ask what is "JP".

    So from the sounds of it Seaman specialist is the way to go?
  8. Jupiter point its a small boat training center run by the royal navy on the river lyner, operated from HMS RALEIGH
  9. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Outside wreckers mate would give you a lot of effluence
  10. another lame question

    "sea spec" is a seamn specialist right? 8O

    Loving this sight by the way, so much handy info on it!
  11. I swear everyone speaks a different language here. wtf are "Outside wreckers"? :p

  12. Well, they are sort of, ummm, well they fix things, not wreck them and they are back afties that work in the front half of a boat when deep or at PD and they abuse Dry Blackthorn at sea and......

    Oh sod it, time for a pill. :roll:
  13. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    A copy of Jack Speak by Rick Jolly will help in some cases - but not all, each arm of the RN has its own variations on standard English
  14. Read DCI`s. Lots of courses, good drafts and other nice things are available and details are in DCI`s , if you dont read em youll never know about them. 8)
  15. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    There are lots of opportunities to do almost any sport you can think of. The key is to look into it thoroughly. At 23 years service I have recently found out of options I can take to get power boat certificates. I'm now kicking myself for not finding this out years ago. A good PTI on your ship is a Godsend, especially if they're newly qualified as they're generally very keen then, but when ashore pop into your gym/SARC and ask around in there. These things can be done without being job specific.
  16. Should have read DCI`s 8)
  17. There will be many opportunities for you to gain accreditation for skippering a yacht, but it will depend on your own drive and willingness to use up your OWN time to gather them 'AT' (Adventurous Training) leave of up to one week can be taken every so often, which can then be put to good use to gain such accreditation.

    I used some when I was an RS (Radio Supervisor) many years ago to gain my RYA Powerboat Level 2 and Safety Boat Coxswain tickets.

    A lot of establishments will give you the opportunity to go out on a yacht to qualify for your day skippers, coastal skipper and yachtmaster. The 'Joint Services Adventurous Sail Training Centre' offers you the chance to go on Adventurous Sail Training expeditions from a weekend's sailing in the Solent area and week long channel cruises.
  18. I left the mob with a RYA Coskip/APBI tickets, all courtesy of HM. As you may gather from my avatar, I was not a dabber. Unless you work at JP, even most specs don't do a great deal of boat driving, unless you count mobexs, milk runs, ad the all important greywater fit!
    An often overlooked resource is the RNRMSTC at the camber in Stonehouse barracks. They have their own site on the mod intranet, and offer a great range of courses.
  19. Got my power boat licence down there, did it when I was bored in CFM. Cost about £12 if I remember correctly.
  20. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Oh, but I did, most meticulously! :wink:

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