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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by spearfish, Apr 22, 2007.

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  1. Are you a former submariner or a current one who needs a bit of practice?Then this may be for you!
    Submarine helm simulator:
  2. Not as good as the real deal, PD off Guz in a force 10 on an S boat. Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!!
  3. At least you would have an excuse for being off-depth then :)
  4. 'PLANESMAN....why are you at ten metres'?
    'Cos' I'm coming back from five, you wanna have a didn't think so'.
    And from a quiet bit of the control room.....'SCANNER's DRY.....venting the bathy'!

    Watch wallowing it......thrash those planes!
  5. FIVE! Now that's a gash dit!
  6. Nope...not in the Barents in Winter it's not!
  7. Like you would know, you never qualified, or wanted to because you were to "Stick Shy".
  8. Been there done that, those OOW dont like being offered a go on the stick do they. Many a time a quiet word was had with OOW but if you cant do it dont preach!
  9. MMM given a choice(as I was) sit on the planes with the rest of the S&S or get qualified in the SCOOW seat as a PO??

    I think I know where anybody with any sort of ambition would want to sit!!

    :thumright: :thumright:
  10. I must admit being absolutely useless at the after planes on Renown, I could get all 3 hydraulic pumps running. TBH it was absolutely boring duty on a bomber/ boomer.
  11. You're not alone - on Revenge , the North Sea (allegedly), a stern sea, blowing a bastard up top, a BRN pass and the Jimmy and Navigator want to know why you can't keep depth and are rowing the bloody thing through the ocean.
  12. I thought all those "luxury" subs, Renown, Revenge etc etc did it all for you by computer?
  13. Overheard in the CR one dark and stormy night: " Listen Sir, you can have depth or course, but not both!"
  14. You were always bloopy useless on the 'planes Pete, too busy doing phys in the fore ends for your Booties training, or working out how to cook spagetti for your MS officers course !!

    JC :dwarf:

    Black catting time.

    Back in the dim and distant past when we had O boats (actually we still had A boats then too) we were taking part in FOSM's winter war patrolling in a box somewhere near Bill Baileys Bank (no I don't know who Bill Bailey was nor why it was his bank) in a rather typical Altantic January Gale. The box was getting low so the scipper decided we needed to snort. Knowing the weather would be bad we closed up to diving stations to come shallow. After the customery check for surface targets at 150 feet the scipper ordered PD and up we started, at about 100 ft the cox'n reported that the plains were having no effect (not quite as politely as that) we broached badly (the five metres reported above was deep) and then started on our way down again and as we passed 150 the cox'n reported he had controll again. The scipper ordered us deep and we went to ultra quiet to conserve power and stayed there for 24 hours till thing calmed down a bit.
    The North Norwegian Sea late seventies on exercise Northern Wedding. We were one of four SSN's (one Brit and three Yank SSN's doing direct support) tasked to defend (and then attack, yeah I know....war makes you do odd things) the NATO (American) Carrier Battle groups legging it across the Atlantic to re enforce the northrn flank.

    Bill Giles was the weatherman and he say NFP, it all be okeydokey and flat calm. Ohhhhh what a whopper, gale force ten and increasing. These one hundred thousand tonne nuclear aircraft carriers were hove to, as was the rest of the group.

    Because there were other boats in our area it was all 'stovepipes' and safety courses and telling the whole world on UWT that we were changing depth (deep deep deep, coming up Sierra and stuff). The Captain says it's a bit rough up top lads (sonar sea state off the scale) and to double check all is secured for sea. Up we come then and at 750' (we were the deep SSN at 1000') the boat gives a little tiny heel over. This gets progressively worse and at 190' we are the play thing of the gods. Harry Joe Skips says sod this for a game of darts and as soon as we get to 58' he will take the boat deep again. 'We have to be able to show that we could have come shallow to take the broadcast if we really had to, but to stay shallow we will probably damage or break something. So I shall be going deep immeadiately and taking the broadcast on the wire.............unfortunately to do so means we will have to turn beam to sea to go deep on North and we will role heavily'. Talk about an understatement. Nothing broke loose thanks to the judicious use of heavy white nylon cargo nets but they did stretch a bit. :pukel:

    Now I 'spose you older salty sea dogs have been in rougher weather but I bet it ain't that much rougher. We had trouble getting on depth again and were puzzled as to why. Then the Jimmy said maybe we should open main vents but first we wound a few more revs on because of the sudden loss of bouyancy. Bobbble bubbbbble bubub bullle...........oops - 10 up...more revs please ship control.
    What fun (?) these NATO exercises were in the North Norwegian Sea. :thumright:
  17. Bigger Black Cat

    1977 off the Shetlands in a force 11ish.Unable to dive for 3 days due to danger of rolling the boat over.
    Bomber below us at xxxxft feeling very nice indeed thank you.
    Finally dived during a brief lull in the storm so that we could all eat as we were running out of herrings in and penguin biccies(Blue ones are bigger).
    Most of the crockery is smashed and there is water throughout the boat caused by watch change over times on the bridge and flooding the conning tower and control room.
    When we finally surface a few days later we have lost half of the after casing plus the after indicator buoy,this is found in a fiord in Norway a week later still bleeping.
    Admiralty think we have sunk but relieved to find us ok.
    Apart from losing the after casing we also lost a few thousand pounds of SBS gear as well stowed underneath for an exercise in Norway.
    We then put into Lerwick for repairs before carrying on with our patrol.

    Had a great run ashore in Narvik afterwards though to make up for the rough trip.
  18. I think, considering A that FOSM and his mates used to like scheduling excercises when the weather was likely to be bad, and B that we do get a few shit awful storms every year that in reality there must be lots of stories like this, but of course the one you were in is always the worst.

    Oh happy days!
  19. Small kitten, mostly black, but with some white patches.

    In late '86/ early '87, we were off the south coast, and were lucky enough to be asked to do BRNC sea days. Cue a boat tx of those who could be spared for the afternoon, followed by double the amount of reciprocal middies.

    Once they got aboard, the weather was deemed to be too rough to either dive or carry out any further txs. The poor middies had nowhere to sleep, save a few spare racks in the bomb shop, and most spent the next 20 or so hours sat in corners with only a bucket for company.

    It wasn't really very rough at all!
  20. Bugger.... it won't work on a Mac!

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