Boat and dolphins

About 7 years ago I was in a pub in Appledore, and on the wall was a poster showing a surfaced boat with 6 to 10 dolphins/porpoises playing in the bow wave.

Any ideas where I can buy/obtain a copy?
I think I know the one you mean, a sub from head-on with a row of dolphins on each side in line-abreast? Saw it reprinted in Navy News a couple of years ago in the "10/20/30 years ago" section. Give them a try. If you get one, send me a copy!
Good Luck


Lantern Swinger
Its of a Kilo class boat passing Gib, was taken by LA(Photo) C North in 1988. Forget the title of the pic but its a classic. If Navy News ca't get a copy try FPU Portsmouth failing that try RNPL
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