Boat allocation after basic training

Hello all,

I'm starting my basic training at Raleigh on Nov 25th, after which I will then be starting Submariner training to be a Warfare Specialist.

I'm just wondering though, how are you allocated to a boat during Submariner training? Is it dependent on operational requirements or is there a process?

I'm just curious as to which boat will be my first thats all. I have no personal preference as to which i'd like to be allocated to. I'm just more excited than anything, I just can't wait to get signed up and get going.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks very much guys : )
I think it will be down to whichever boat has vacancies.

I wish you a fair wind and a following sea and that you always have dived water available when you need it. May all your jollies be good uns.

Give it all you've got and enjoy every minute. I'm very envious. Go for it!
Cheers for that SELJUK, very much appreciated.

I've been waiting for this for so long you know, i'm gonna completely love it and give it my absolute we all. I've never wanted anything more in my than how much I want this
Back in the old days, a little bit before your time I think going ito boats was all volentears, I believe you are just drafted now is that correct?
Been out to long now the memorie goes a bit fuzzy.

I think the life you are going into will be great I enjoyed all my time on boats, just make sure you put the SKIMMERS down. They used to have CINDERELLA leave and that was great.


:thumright: :thumright: :thumright:
Thanks for that Desmond. I think the life i'm going into will be great as well. Despite the efforts of others to put me off, i'm so happy that i'm joining the boats and not the skimmers.

They can all think i'm mad etc etc but f**k the lot of them I say, I know i've made the right decision. After reading the posts on the Submariners forum and speaking to you guys on here, its re-affirmed what I already knew.


Lantern Swinger
Having a preference of which end of the country you would like to live should give you an idea of which class of boat you will get. South (Plymouth) you will get SSN's and North (Faslane) you will probably get SSBN's. Wit the current climate and your specialisation there should be lots of opportunities for you to mix and match as your career progresses.
Have fun, keep your head down and work hard but above all try and keep that fantastic enthuseasm that you seem to have, even when all around you are dripping like sceptic d**ks.
Thank you for the advice, once again its much appreciated. To be honest, if I had to choose, I wouldn't mind Plymouth but then again, i'd quite like to get an SSBN so i'll just have to wait then really won't I. Either way, i'm gonna love it anyway whichever end of the country they want to send me.
Absolutely, everytime I see a picture of the Astutes, I just so badly wish that I could get allocated to one, they look absolutely awesome. I don't rate my chances though just yet to be honest.

As much as i'd really love to, I think it'll be a while yet before I get on one. I can hope and pray though I suppose.


Lantern Swinger
Once you earn your "Dolphins" wear them with pride. No one can tell you to take them off (a few skimmers seem to think they can!). I still keep a set in my wallet. Good luck.
All this talk of Dolphins is making me even more desperate to get started. why can't November be next month?!

The day I do get my Dolphins after working hard and earning them will be the biggest, proudest and most important day of my entire life.

Any skimmer that even dares to tell me to take them off will get what for I can guarantee that.
Get drafted to an SSN. Turn towards a target not away. Reduce it to attack criteria not shove it in the stern arcs to let JAAC Farnborough decide what it is/was.
SSBN's have a regular cycle of sea and shore time........but you're don't want that....get out there among it and cause mayhem. You've got plenty of time to hanker after the quiet life when you get all starry eyed.
You want adventure, you want tough, Fast Attack tough.
You want SSN's. Yeharrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ride 'em cowboy.
Christ I sound like a Septic!
Apols' all round!
Cheers for that SELJUK, awesome post that was mate. I tell you what you know, its replies like that that make me love what i'm letting myself in for. Keep it coming.

From what i've seen and read so far, the spirit amongst you guys on here is top notch. I know without a doubt that boats is definitely the place I wanna be and I can't wait for it.
you might struggle getting an ssn as there are only two ish running in faslane at mo and the a boats arent there yet also you have to have done 1 sea draft to join astute class if u want ssn's try guz for a draft then try getting an a boat im on astute and as much as we drip we all know when there done they will be awesome and the navy would be a better place if more new joiners had just a tenth of your apparent enthusiasm good look and god speed
when you earn your dolphins son it will be the best day of your career and like every other post on here i wish you all the best, you seem to have the right attitude and that will stand you in good stead for your time on boats. during sometime in basic or professional training you will be taught how to complete a drafting prefernce form on line, this is where you will be given the chance to ask drafty for the boat you want, however drafty being drafty will usually give you the total opposite i.e. you ask for faslane and you live in scotland then you will get plymouth. but whatever you get enjoy it, and listen to your instructors and qualified shipmates, don't take any criticism to heart but above all just have a good time. good luck lad.
NorthernSub said:
All this talk of Dolphins is making me even more desperate to get started. why can't November be next month?!

The day I do get my Dolphins after working hard and earning them will be the biggest, proudest and most important day of my entire life.

Any skimmer that even dares to tell me to take them off will get what for I can guarantee that.
Now see - NorthernSub. As others have said, your enthusiasm is indeed admirable. But you need to to curb some of it - particularly during Phase One. You ain't in the gene pool yet. You go around name calling and you'll quickly become as popular as a turd at a wedding atop the bride's headgear. What I'm trying to say is - you are not a submariner yet, you won't be a submariner until you've got those dolphins - you'll just be a trainee. This isn't meant as a personal jibe - just to take the wind out of your sails a bit. Most of the instructors in Phase One are general service. And believe you me you need them on your side batting for you, not against you.

See you in Phase two.

Cheers for the message, respect to you as well, I think I need that. I just got a little bit carried away i'm afraid : )

I think what is though is this, even though my friends and family are pleased for me for joining the Navy, when i've spoken to some people and told them that I want to be a Submariner, they look at me as if i'm stupid or something.

It just f**ks me off that people think that anyone who whats to be a Submariner is mad or crazy or something along those lines. Some have even tried to persuade me join the skimmers but I just think b****cks to them, theres no way i'm ever doing that.
Listen mate, as a 'old and bold' diesel submariner been out longer then you have been on earth i suspect, there's one thing you have got to know.
It really DOES mean something to be or even to have been a submariner.Trust me on this. I respect your enthusiasm, passion and singlemindedness to being a submariner. In fact i admire it. I am also glad that you seem the kind of bloke to uphold everything that that we thought was unique to our generation. Well done and try and keep up the professionilsm and pride that we held so dear during OUR time in boats.
All the best in your future career, keep your bubble in the middle,
Can't fault your enthusiasm - you will join the most exclusive and best club in the world - the best of luck to you, and when you get there, let us know - new members always welcome !!
Thanks again for the messages guys, the support and advice really does mean a hell of a lot to me. I just hope I can do and achieve as much as all you have.

As i've previously said, I start at Raleigh on Nov 25th so I will keep updating the Submariners forum as to how i'm getting on. I've got my Acquaint course first in Scotland next week so looking forward to that immensely.

Thank you again
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