Boarding School. Courts Martial of Cdr.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by trelawney126, Jul 6, 2011.

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  1. It may be in our interests to wait until the Court Martial has completed its deliberations on this one before we comment, guys.
  2. Can I comment that I'm not surprised they divorced as his ex wife is rats?
  3. And French............
  4. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

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    While members are free to comment on the rules regarding CEA claims etc., you are reminded that cases involving Service personnel which are sub judice are not to be discussed. If we see any posts that refer to the Defendent or matters specific to the Case, then the crayons will come out...

    Thank you for your forebearance! :thumbleft:
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    Noted, Sgt P. & Sol.

    Without prejudicing this case, our brother Royals might be show an interest in those two lines beneath the 2nd photograph at the above article.
  6. No problem. Why does MOD inform the press of a service matter, that has not been proven, which is sub judice, and yet the newspaper allows comments on the story to be written by joe public. Be better to inform press after the event, I would have thought.
  7. Tre,

    Quite right, public and press have access at a CM, but the RR staff answer regarding press comments will likely be 'not our part of ship'.

  8. They won't like that. :)
  9. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Trelawny/BOOTWU: Most CMs are open to the public and Press, who are made well aware of the rules regarding what they are permitted to report or discuss in such circumstances. Comments made on newspapers by their readers ("Joe Public") are also subject to certain rules, and adverse posts are edited accordingly. Similarly, the Adminstrators of RR have an established set of rules about what can and cannot be said about CMs, regardless and irrespective of what the Courts or media rules are. This has been discussed ad infinitum on RR previously, so just search through previous posts or just follow the links to the rules on posting on RR to find out more. I am too tired/can't be bothered to find it for you, but you're both big boys... :lol:
  10. Wondering if this story has been released to coincide with the delayed announcement of the ministerial review into CEA.

    This chap hasn't done those who abide all the rules to claim CEA any favours.
  11. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Concur, Scarlett (about your second comment, not your first!) :wink:

    Personally I think there have been too many Service personnel who have suckled at the JPA claims teat for far too long; cuts had to be made by all businesses in the UK over the last couple of years, the MOD no exception. I chuckled to myself when I heard many comment (drip?) about how they were "losing out" because certain allowances were being reduced or removed (CEA being one of them). Yes, I have been in places when I have earned pop star wages, but they were a perk at that time - I was always aware that I would return to a lower wage when I returned to the UK. Those who took advantage of allowances as though they were a right or privilege made the fatal mistake; you should base your personal finances on your basic salary, not what you bring home in the current month.

    As for CEA, I was never a fan. Why should an employer give you money to educate your children that you chose to have, and you chose to school at a location away from your place of work or residence? Would a manager for a private corporation expect the same? And don't give me the old "we're Forces and we get deployed overseas, and my children need stability" rubbish - I would wager that the aforementioned manager (or any other such employee) spends more time away from their family than your average Service person over a period of time. Harsh? Perhaps. But we (collectively) have had our noses in the trough for far too long. Time to suck it up and deal with it, and live within your means. The rest of the world have been doing it for long enough, and the Forces are not special in every circumstance...

    [Stands by for incoming!] :wink:
  12. 5 Schools in 5years, I wish my Father had been in the Forces , then I could have had stability.
  13. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Civilian employers who send their people abroad (for instance multinationals) often do make various sorts of allowances and family arrangements. Also have a look at what FCO do for their people. Personally I think the CEO problem will wither on the vine as the Forces shrink and fewer people are in the frame for disturbance. If the Forces want to retain good senior people (roughly those who know they could get a better job outside with more stability) then the children's education problem has to be addressed somehow. We used to have service schools all over (Germany, Singapore etc) but, what with the churn in the classroom as kids came and went I would have thought the result wasn't one I would have wanted to submit my family to (Mrs S once taught in one in Johore Bahru so I know a bit about it). Plus such schools are of course a charge on the MoD budget just as much as CEA is.
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    Thanks for the update, whilst you were closed up as the duty RBL Gatling-Gob our Trelawney126 spotted the case a couple of days ago and flagged it up in CA here:

    Perhaps the MODs could merge the two threads? ****

    If left at DLs then unseemly comments like :censored: could :censored:

    <<The case continues.>>

    :evil 101: :wink:

    PS Why only there only two cars in your drive??

    ****Edited to acknowledge the Merge.
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2011
  15. Ah Monty reliable as ever with the inside information, the fcukers stopped by BSA for my daughter when I left ARK ROYAL and was appointed to Abbey Wood without taking wifey with me - cost me £5000 in fees until I volunteered to go back to sea and re-qualify.
    As the smiling shiney arsed PO Scribbler said to me "Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse"

  16. Sgt Peppa,

    Long time since I was entitled to, and drew BSA/CEA. The answer to your 'why' then was because it was an available allowance, providing the conditions were met. At that time I was lead to understand that this had been a long standing 'perk' for certain civil servant postings and it had spread across to similarly posted Servicemen. The choice for me was to become a long distance runner and educate my boys near our home or up-sticks to MQs at each draft/appointment/'assignment' and benefit from BSA. We chose the latter, avoiding the interruption of secondary education with BSA at RHS Holbrook.

    I am fully conscious of the need for thrift across the board and would expect current CEA entitlements to reflect that whilst also remembering that family stability and continuity of secondary education are keyfactors in retaining highly trained personnel for a full career.

    Comparison with other 'employers' rarely makes total sense and if, one used your analogy for clothing, then: 'Why issue them all that Kit? No other employer does - Just give 'em a blue suit for best and the cheapest working rig available.

    Nose in trough? Is that just your Branch? Or are you confusing the RN with the non-HMS Westminster or the City!
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    There are some comments of interest on the wider subject of CEA here:

    Court martialled for fiddling cea - first of many ?

    Whilst the Sun outrage bus compares injury comp. claims with the CEA bottom line:

    Ministry of Defence school fees 3 times war compo | The Sun |News|Campaigns|Our Boys
  18. My original post was not me taking a did at the officer involved just put the caption into the Diamond Lils forum where I knew it would stimulate some debate
    Stan was dragged up on a council estate in Lancashire missed school for over a year due to being in care. Eventually went back for my last year and graded into the top form but left at 15 to join the Pusser.
    My daughter attended 4 schools in ten years while I was drafted all over the fcuking place having to serve for neary 5 years on York in order to appease drafty and get the job I wanted.
    When it came time for my lass to join secondary education I was drafted to ARK Royal the nearest school was Torpoint a school with one of the second highest schools in the South West for teenage pregnancy, there were no kids of my daughters age in the small village we lived in so I took the plunge and placed her in Stover girls school in Newton Abbot and bcame a weekly boarder coming home every weekend.
    Thanks to the then BSA system my daughter got the education I never had and left school with 12 GCSE's at grade A and A*.
    What better advert for joining the service and providing my child with the finest start in life.
    It did go a little pear shaped towards the end but only through my ignorance of the rules regarding the right to the allowance, probably because very few ratings put their children through boarding school primarily, I think, that they believe children should be at home, however, it is not a topic that is regulary discussed around the dining table at dinner each night I rather think that is not the case in the wardoom!!
    Best thing I ever did - thank you pusser

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