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I'd always insisted that we would settle in one area ready for the kids to start secondary school, giving them continuity, and I'd serve unaccompanied if required. Having spent 3 of the last 3.5 years unaccompanied and looking at at least another 2, we've now had a change of thought and are considering sending No1 son off to boarding school while we go mobile again and move every couple of years as required.

So, looking for hints, tips, pros, cons and advice from you all on the whole boarding school and claiming for CEA issue. Good schools, recommendations and any to avoid. Happy to receive by PM if you don't want to go public!


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Be brave and head over to the Rear Party forum (the 'families' tab at the top of this page). The subject comes up with great regularity and the ladies over there know their stuff.


I'd suggest putting the Royal Hospital School at Holbrook, near Ipswich, high on your short list.

It has long since moved on from being merely a feeder for the RN and has been co-ed for many years. It's sheer size and capacity enables it to encompass far more many facilities than the average private school whilst it benefits from a long history and the associated ethos.

Both of our sons attended (neither joined the services) and neither they nor us had any gripes. On the contrary - Highly recommended

Welcome - Royal Hospital School

My daughter went to Boarding school and was home every weekend when she wasn't horse riding camping playing hockey etc unlike her very thick father she came away with 12 GCSE at A and A*
If you are a Westo can highly recommend Stover school at Newton Abbot
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