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Bit of an odd question here. I have looked about regarding boarding parties, and found a lot of talk of volunteers. But could this be anyone? For example, if an officer wanted to volunteer, would they be able to go? I ask as this is something I haven't found much info on, and I plan to be a warfare officer in the future and was wondering if boarding was a possibility.


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Boarding Officer is one of many secondary jobs you could have. It is possible but ship dependant - you will get on board and if a slot is free you can apply to be the Boarding Officer.

Don't count on it and it is only a nice to have.
If you plan on boarding a yacht, canoe sampan type boaty thing, please do not do a T*** K*** and run across the deck straight into the oggin on the other side. Can be exciting, except when called out of a nice warm bunk on a cold and rainy and windy day with a high swell. And good luck. :cool:
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