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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Ajr0096229, Sep 27, 2014.

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  1. Hi there I'm looking for a simple answer, I'm joining as a communications and information specialist I just want to know can I become part of a ships boarding party there's been other threads about this that are around 4 years old and don't say what branches can undertake the training
  2. Possibly, but don't join up on the hope that you will.
  3. Not to give false hope but my mate's an ME and he was put in a boarding party for his ship. I don't think you'd just have to be a combat or medic role to get on a boarding party.
  4. Thanks for the replys sounds good up to now haha it's a bonus to the career the way I see it
  5. What are you joining as? I'm waiting for my dates for Warfare Spec. So the prospect of operating in a boarding party is quite interesting to me!
  6. Comms and info specialist adds an exciting prospect into the job if you can do it though
  7. That it does, similar to the AACC if you're ever offered the chance.
  8. If I could do that at a later stage I'd jump at the chance
  9. Oh damn yes definitley a later date. The first 3-5 years I'm just concentrating on learning my trade, once I'm confident in that then I'll entertain the notion of a green lid.
  10. Hi from what I read anyone can join boarding party if im correct? I am really interested in my chosen role but as already said it's a nice bonus

    So being a weapons engineer means I cam join the boarding party?
  11. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The boarding party can indeed comprise personnel from most branches but as indicated above, it depends what other additional duties the individual is billeted for.

    Everyone has secondary and tertiary roles depending what evolution is being undertaken. For example, if you are part of a standing sea emergency party, tasked 24/7 to deal with fires/floods/casualties, then you cannot also be in the boarding party, a watchkeeper or special sea dutyman. Often, if carrying out prolonged boarding ops, you need to rotate the personnel to provide 24/7 capability.

    The novelty of being comms number, tech search, etc., in an armed boarding team, carrying out multiple boardings over days, weeks or even months becomes less attractive the more you do it.

    The opportunity to be part of the team is very possible.
  12. Ok nice to know I will extra duties outside my regular role, so no matter what I'm in for a varied career :)

    Thank you for your help
  13. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    There are certain types of officers and ratings who are completely unsuitable for boarding parties, General Fulton may have said so in his report but the dist list for his report can be counted on one hand so I don't know. 'Fulton' or not, whether or not the current selection policy is more than just bums on seats with specialities covered I don't know either. The capabilites of a ship's boarding party are not the stuff of Andy McNab novels so don't get a hard-on and knock on the door of the Special Forces Club seeking membership and adulation if you get picked.

    Years, nae decades ago I was pleased that the XO binned a rating whose enthusiasm for his place in the boarding party was so he could big himself up in his local. Do not give this man a weapon.
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  14. FFS you younguns are supposed to be joining the R.N. to learn your trade and become useful members of a ships crew. What is so tempting about being a member of a boarding party?
    If that is what you wish to do then join the Royal Marines.
  15. Or become a pirate!
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  16. I think our young man here is looking for the adoration of the young ladies when he tells of his exploits, and respect
    (which he possibly has never had) from his peers. I'm afraid our 'Hero' is a going to be one of the type who become a total bore in the local pub/club, and it won't be long before he is found out to be a complete TOSSER !!!! IMHO.
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  17. O for the good old days when we had carriers with catapults, this guy would have been first in line for the position of Dead Weight Pilot
  18. Not referring to AB Arthur Batchelor of HMS Cornwall are you?
    Poor Arthur mis-heard the pipe and thinking it was a Banyan Party, went below for his Kodak Sharpshooter and change into his Hawaiian shirt.
  19. Do they still have 'Splash Target Coxswains ?'
  20. If you have to ask, you clearly don't have the SC(DV) to know.

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