boarding parties?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by XS650BOBBER, Jan 5, 2010.

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  1. Hey guys you might think this is a stupid question but had to ask.
    When you see the Boarding Parties going out on Ribs to board suspected pirates and what not, who are they? Is this part of a specific trade or volunteers?
    Again maybe a stupid question!
    Cheers Connor
  2. In the Job description for a steward it says that you may bored ships suspected of carrying drugs or illegal immigrants, but im not sure they actually do that, probably the job of the Royal Marine.
  3. volenteers and booties
  4. I don't know THAT much about it - but can say with some confidence that fatbird and Mr ipod weren't marines.
  5. I always presumed that they would be using the SBS in most of the cases? I believe I read that they are Royal Marines though.
  6. Cheers burnsy
  7. my mates a warfare spec and hes on the boarding party. think you can apply to do training for it.
  8. Why would they use special forces? the last series of warship. There's some boarding party stuff on there.
  9. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    The SBS are trained and are indeed the living knowledge on how to board and retake a hostile ship. However, for the question posed, my understanding is what 2DD said and of course, the Booties (where available).
  10. Fair one. It just seems a little overkill for trying to take down these fellas.

  11. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I've been on an exercise at the same time as some frogs and they are awesome. Top fellas.
  12. You are correct if they are caught during the brief period between them showing their hand and hijacking a vessel/kidnapping its crew. Otherwise, like many others who haven't thought it through properly, you are wrongly assuming that hostage rescue is simply a matter of having superior firepower. Although scores of armoured fighting vehicles and armed personnel were available during the Balcombe Street siege, they weren't of much practical use without writing off the lives of the hostages. Further complications arise for rescue operations at sea whereby any approach is obvious, captors and captives are unavoidably bunched, and firing platforms and target platforms are being thrown about by the waves and/or moving at speed.
  13. Hostage rescue is a slightly different kettle of fish to the boarding operations being discussed here though isn't it.
  14. Nobody mentioned hostage rescue :?
  15. I did. :p

    (Re-read the OP and my first sentence for the reason. Without entering a debate about opposed vs unopposed boardings, why the hostility?)
  16. Sorry, I mean't for the much larger ships such as the one Iron Duke got 200 odd million quids worth of coke.

    edit: and for hostage rescues etc 8)
  17. Anyone fancy a line?

    HMS Newcastle 2002.

    I am the divs one, second from left, back row.

  18. Type 23 Statistics
    Displacement: 4,900 tonnes
    Length: 133m / 436ft
    Beam: 16.1m / 52.9ft
    Complement: 185

    Albion class statistics.
    Displacement: 18,500 tonnes
    Docked down: 21,500 tonnes (approx)
    Length: 176m
    Beam: 25.6 m waterline, 28.9 metres max
    Draught: 7.1 metres
    Speed: 18 knots, range of 7000 nm.
    Complement: 325

    The ships on "Warship" (series 2) are bigger than HMS Iron Duke :lol:

    EDIT: Misread. They aren't that much bigger anyway, I don't think. They have to be very, very fast.

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