BOA 70. Any photos?

What a weekend!

I havent had such a blast in ages. Absolutely proud as punch to be able to have taken part in such an event. My balls always tingle when on parade but the reception from the scousers was amazing.

On the subject of photos and videos - if anyone can find any footage of ten matelots busking on Matthews st with a crowd of around 60 people all joining in and egging them on I would love to see it. Funny as heck. Walk around the corner to find a young lad just setting up ready to busk. TH jumps on the mike and starts belting out a tune, soon joined by his oppo's before the lad gets his guitar plugged in and joins us. Four songs later he's got a case full of cash and we leave with a round of applause. Tastic!


Lantern Swinger
Will upload some of the pics I took on the Sat, mainly of the Russian, Polish and Canadian warships and the Jungly demonstration on the river! Trehorn, I was looking round for you and Ceres on Saturday but couldn't mind you at all!
Saturday we were all tucked up in bed like good little puddle pirates, all ready for the big event on Sunday. Sunday night on the other hand is a different story. Put it this way, the busking occurred while we were reasonably copus-mentus. I lost my wallet, No1 jacket, phone and kicked my cap most of the way back to EAGLET. Luckily I had for some reason given them to one of our guys. God knows why and I can't even remember doing it. Just remember finding myself all alone on Matthews Street. I asked a kindly member of the MOD Plod if he's seen any matelots out and he looked at me daft before saying "one or two" and pointing to about ten pubs in the vicinity where I could find them.

A good night - I think so ;-)
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