'bo11 lux'

A Chesterfield telecoms boss has told the DVLA to naff off after the agency accidentally sold him the entertaining numberplate "BO11 LUX", then ordered him to remove it from his car.

Clarke is having none of it. He's already returned a replacement plate the DVLA sent him, and insisted: "I'm not backing down on this, it's my own personal plate and I'm not taking it off." ®

Bloke ordered to remove offensive numberplate • The Register

I would agree with him. There is not word defined in the dictionary, this is just a 'sound alike', it's no different than someone saying 'oh sugar' when we know what they mean.
Quite right too. We had a hairdressers in the area called Beau Locks. Caused a couple of minor accidents and council tried to get them to change it.Owner told them " Beau Locks"
When you purchase a private number plate, in actual fact you are buying the right to display it on your vehicle and it remains the proprety of the DVLA. They retain the right to withdraw the number at any time and also if you display it incorrectly. It's in the small print.

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