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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Grog_Rat, May 19, 2009.

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  1. Purely as a matter of personal interest, I would like to know how many people within the services support the BNP.

    Recently in the press it has been reported that the BNP do not support the Gurkhas right to live in the UK, (this was denied by the BNP, they said it was a smear campaign against them).

    I read today that they believe Johnson Beharry is not a worthy recipient of the VC, because he is an immigrant.

    They used the image of a guardsman on their European election campaign flyer, with a false quotation. They also used the image of a spitfire from a polish squadron in an anti immigration flyer.

    I don’t like the fact that they should use images of the armed forces to prey on the public’s misplaced patriotism.

    We all work alongside members of the commonwealth everyday; they play a vital role in the UK Armed Forces. They should not be victimized for being immigrants and should be allowed to settle in the UK after they finish their service to the country.

    I work with lads from Fiji, St Vincent, South Africa, Jamaica, to name just a few. They made the decision to come here and fight for us. Admittedly they probably came here attracted by a better life than what they had back home, but they still serve our country, and do the same job as us; they should share the same rights that we have.

    In my book, if your brave enough to come and risk your life fighting for us, you can damn well come and live next door to me.

    People that are proud to be British rightly support our armed forces; the BNP trying to use us in their propaganda is outrageous. I do not support them and never will, they are a racist organization and I think their ideology is all too reminiscent of the Nazi movement.

    DO NOT vote for the BNP in my name!
  2. Do you really think if they were BNP suporters they would put it on here?
  3. Just like the tens of thousands of Brits going to Spain, but we don't consider them as immigrants.
  4. And thats just it mate. The BNP are a bunch of cowards trading off the sacrifices made by others. They are forever throwing out the line that "Millions of Britons have died for nothing, if you vote BNP all those that have given their lives will have done so for a reason" or other such sh1te.

    They are cnuts to a man and if any of my oppos or colleagues were to even consider supporting them I would knock the p1ss out of them.
  5. Something I've been thinking since my grandparents moved to Spain the first time. Would they admit it? Never. :oops:
  6. Most probably not, however, to qoute the BNP "its time to stand up and be counted" i invite its supporters to do the same.
  7. Shouldn't take them long, if their normal (even for knuckle draggers) there's still only 4 fingers per hand
  8. So of the six votes so far two have been affirmative, yet nobody says so.

    Given the opinions generally expressed, yes there are a few, I guess representative of most walks of life people come with a range of experiences and opinions. Doesn't make their view any less valid although I would observe that they don't respond well when the opinion is challenged or when asked to support their position. Frequently the discussion then descends to personal attack thereafter.
  9. Until fairly recently i would have voted for them. Not because i actually want them in power, just to try and give a wake up call to the other partys and to try and get them to put there houses in order.
    But after ecent comments about Gurkhas, J Beharry and the guards incadent i will never make the same mistake again.
  10. I'm not a BNP supporter, but I do take issue with the vilification of them. They are a legitimate political party which has seen increasing success in recent elections. Some (including me) may disagree with their politics, but I disagree with the politics of the Green Party.

    The great thing about democracy is freedom of speech - just because you don't agree with a particular party's politics doesn't mean we should deny them the right to campaign.

    I've not made up my mind who I'm going to vote for in the European elections - if MPs expenses are ridiculous then I dread to think about the MEPs T&S claims!
  11. The worry is that many people think the same and there is a real danger that they may get a seat through this. There are better protest votes out there....

    I also invite those who do support the BNP to stand up and be counted, if you truly believe that this is the way ahead then don't be ashamed to admit it. Or are you as cowardly and intellectually challenged as the party themselves?
  12. Yes they may get a seat they may get 2 or 5. But Labour is strugeling to do what it wants with go know how many seats. Better protest votes? I dont think so. Not for scare tactics anyway. If it was a general election and they genuinly could get in to power then i would not vote for them. But im willing for them to get a few seats if it helps to scare the other partys.
  13. I'd rather vote for the BNP than Labour, but as it is Call me Dave has my vote.
  14. Scare the other parties? Do you honestly think they care? The main parties are not going to alter their policy based on having the BNP gain a few seats. We however would have reason to fret. You see, the BNP gaining even 1 seat gives them power, it gives them the ability to speak and a larger soapbox to spread their hatred. How do you feel about Abu Hamza? Would you "protest" vote for him? They are the same, preachers of hate and should not be afforded the time of day.
  15. Like i said i wont be voting for them. Im just glad that people can vote for whoever they want even if they arnt to my taste. Ive done time in the sand and i thaught thats what it was all about.
  16. So have I, and yes that is apparently what it's all about. The BNP though, despite apparently supporting our cause seek to take away these basic rights from certain people. That is certainly not what we are all about.
  17. I shall be making a protest vote. Normally this would be a spoiled vote, for me, but I have been so impressed by Vince Cable that I want him as the next Chancellor of the Exchequer.

    There are some big, pink birds flying by the window......
  18. I was not trying to preach what is right or wrong people. At the end of the day the BNP are a legal political party.

    I just wanted to see what the general concensus of opinion was. Everyone is entitled to form thier own opinion, goes without saying.
  19. As a British passport holder that lives in Spain I see that I am exercising the rights conferred on all citizens of the European Community to live and seek employment any where within the community. That hardly makes me or any other citizen of the EC an immigrant any more than the Polish electrician working in Glasgow. One of the tenants of the EC is free movement.

    Only Ireland, UK, Bulgaria, Romania and Cyprus citizens have to show passports when entering Spain from another EC Country.

    Come on get up to speed.


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