BNP sound like a good bunch to me....

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by lukep, Oct 21, 2008.

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  1. BNP sound like a good bunch to me.

    being an expat I hear regularly from good friends of mine who are still residents of the isles that kids as young as 2 are shagging about, everyone is a paedophile and crack is free at your local GP as long as your from Afghanistan.

    Sick to the stomach that my Grandads thought the war against the Japs and the Germans to keep us free from tyranny i later look into the putrid newspapers of today to see my homeland being raped and pillaged by British and mainly non british nationals.

    i thought i would check out the BNP website

    The result was i really liked what i saw.

    Ok lets get right into this i Dont mean to sound trollish.

    Fire away chaps.
  2. Nice try.
  3. Queens, Eyebrows..... I mean it.

    Crack on and give me some damn opinons
  4. They are indeed the way ahead I'm sure.

    Unfortunately, as my mother's maiden name is Wiseman, I'd better thin out before they get elected.

    In their one-and-only shot at democracy.
  5. Seeing as most of their membership are Sub Human neanderthals and/or dubious kiddie fiddler types with Third Reich wet dream syndrome, I'll leave my opinions of them to your imagination.
  6. Yes and as Thingy and I are poofters, we'd best pack up and leave too, either that or we can pick out our bunk in one of those nice sheds that these Nazi types like to keep us in before gassing or shooting us.
  7. [quote="type42stoker"

    Yes and as Thingy and I are poofters:.......................

    Tut, Tut, Type42, bit homaphobic today are we?
  8. Why? You clearly seem incapable of understanding them.
  9. How do you come to that conclusion?
  10. Try answering the why bit first, then perhaps we can deal with the second
  11. The problem with the BNP is that though their policies look sound their methods of executing them if elected would not be.
  12. I am just a little surprised that Lukep is taken in by the waffle and spin pushed out by ANY political party!
  13. Interesting about the paedophile bit, maybe you don't need to live in Thailand anymore.
  14. Your not Paul Gadd are you??

    Whassamatter? Jealous?
  15. Moi, homophobic. Surely you know that us homosexuals are allowed to call ourselves "poofs" without it being homophobic, it's like our black brethren being able to use the N word with it being racist. I believe it's called "double standards"...... :lol:
  16. I am a Political Phobic claiming to be a Liberal with a Capital "L" so as far as I am concerned all the "ists", Fascist, Communist should be put against the wall and shot.

    That of course applies the the Fascist BNP.


    "Independence for SE England Now"
  17. Nutty I think that you have contradicted yourself, lining up the "ists" against the wall and shooting them, is the kind of method that they use, therefore reducing you to their level or at least somewhere near it, which I am sure is not your real intention.
  18. Bugger - i am a linguist :rambo:
  19. No its OK for Liberals to shoot "Ists" all the firing party would be Liberal as well. Or perhaps I am just making a statement as silly and stupid as the lines pushed out by the "Ists" but thanks for my first nibble.

  20. You'd really shoot all the chemists?

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