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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by oberon, May 17, 2009.

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  1. 'British job for British people' poster campaign used American
    actors from the Canadian Istockphoto library:

    Lies (Part 1)

    and the British pensioners' on the BNP election leaflets are actually
    Italian models:

    Lies (Part II)
  2. Is it not just a case or poor media operations behind the scenes?
  3. The BNP are to be watched closely !.there are echo's of mosely there :(
  4. Behind what scenes?
  5. In their party offices where their media team fcuk up?
  6. Notwithstanding Norms contributions, there is a certain consistency to the mistakes made.

    Where nationalism is important to them they should be paying a lot more attention to how they promote that than they are.

    They were already pretty low in my estimation anyway, but the Telegraph today has some other discussion of their poor media operation
  7. Well! What degenerates would lower themslves even further than to glance at the Daily Telegraph=--Pass the sick bag
  8. But the BNP will sail ahead in the forthcoming June elections and in the General Election that appears to be sooner rather than later
    George Galloway will probably lead them in a reversal of loyalties.
  9. Apparently, the BNP is asserting that Johnson Beharry didn't deserve his VC because he's coloured: one of my daughters saw it in one of the tabloids - how low can you go ??

    Yes, Britains true heroes stand up and tell the truth at last!! :roll: CNUTS.

    How many of the 'Leadership' of this bunch of scum have even served their Country let alone been under fire?
    As for the membership good grief a sorrier bunch of losers, retards and Nazi wannabes (Those who love Adolf and totally agree with his methods but are for obvious reasons coy on mentioning it.) it would be hard to find.
    Britain would be a better place if these people were culled rather than any implementation of their 'policies'.
  11. How many of our current Defence Ministers have ever served their country- Under fire or not?
    How many who serve on what was The Board of The Admiralty have heard a gun fired in anger?
    Precious few I fear
    Putative BNP Members? Possibly.
  12. Really Norman your research, as per usual, does you little credit!
    Sir Jonathon Band the current First Sea Lord was Captain of HMS Illustrious which deployed in the Adriatic twice during the Bosnian fracas, for which he has gongs.
    He may not have been at the sharp end, clearing trenches or whatever you think is suitable for getting a gong but I'm sure that his and his crews actions had some effect on the outcome.
    Or would you like to denegrate the efforts of todays Navy as you have in the past?

    My point was that the BNP has, on it's website, made claims which are rubbish whilst none of their Leaders have even been in an AFCO.
    As of yet no other Politicains or any of the Commanders of HM Forces have made similar remarks regarding Beharry VC. when they do I'l question their service.
    Best wishes for your soon to be Cyber death, you old tard.
  13. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

  14. For god's sake speak up Norman dear boy I'm used to Naval gun fire

    Yours Digby Dogbreath MOD. ? 8O ?
  15. Sums the BNP succintly SGT, racist, cowardly and preying on those of low
    intellect while attacking the easiest targets. Breathtaking that a country such as ours that spent 6 years fighting nazism alone and with our backs to the wall for the first couple of years has people who actually vote for
    a nazi party amongst its population. Had the great pleasure of telling two of their bootboys to go and f**k themselves when they turned up at my door in Gosport 2 years ago, they quickly got nasty when I told them I didn't want them anywhere near my house. Sc*m of the highest order and it always makes me sad to see the 'they're no worse than the current lot' argument, these aren't 'any lot' they are lowlife bullies with a message of pure unadulterated hatred whose heroes carried out mass murders of the mentally and physically handicapped- heroes indeed.
  16. The BNP members list with criminals connections.Looks like a must have list of character types from the TV series Shameless. :lol:

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