BNM has InterWebNet connection again

Hurrah!! The bloke from Vermin Media has been'n'gone and I got a phone and I gotta Interweb and
now I gotta really, really big fu*k off Samsung Smart Telly to sort out. After six weeks at the wifes
sisters place and the wonderous stress of finally getting into an actual house (that needs some
T.L.C. but WTF....that's for later), I feel as if the load has been lifted.

She had her birthday treat on the 17th, I went into Derriford for more knee ripping fun on 18th,
and NOW the Vermin bloke has pissed of I shall loaf on the sofa for the rest of the day/night and
play with all the Remote Control buttons until I get the fucker working.

(P.S. my knee is giving my shit....they want to take all the bits they put in previously and re-fit
it AGAIN with a total replacement...I told 'em to smeg off until I'm 60/retired/reasonably minted
and ready for another go under the hacksaws and chisels).

Any way I hope you bunch of funsters have a great Christmas and a rippingly excellent New Year.
I'm on the sick for the next fortnight so I shall be taking it easy...however - there's and awful lot
beer in the cupboards under the stairs and it's all fucking MINE.

Luv'n'Mince Pies,


welcome back billy, hope the knee job, is better than you imply.
Have a good christmas, you should be able to put your feet up and rest all the way through?:tongue9:
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