Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Stirling, Jan 29, 2013.

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  1. Been done on here before, but yes it does!
  2. Concur, it reckons I am underweight, my GP says it is absolute hogwash, I think he meant bol*****
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  3. Yer its complete horse pish, I was called obese by a doctor even though I was build like a brick Sh*thouse, mind you these days the cements crumbled a bit and I look more like a sh*thouse but I would still argue my BMI
  4. It depends what you're using it for. It is pish as an absolute marker for weight issues but then there is no perfect measure.
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  5. Safers AD not being a pedant, but does calipers, water measurement, fat measurement via electric signal etc not set the standard??
  6. Who needs all that shite...a pair of speedo's will tell if some fecker needs the salad counter
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  7. Talking speedo's now that's something
  8. Yes, but that takes time and relatively expensive equipment - it costs practically nothing to work out a BMI. It's not just about the figure - it's how you get it! But you're correct in saying those measures give a more accurate idea.
  9. BMI says I'm overweight. My body fat percentage is 11%. BMI is silly.

    The man is correct:

    Body Mass Index replaced by just looking at people
  10. That would deffo show where the bulk of my weight is stored!

    Then they could lift my overhang up and giggle at my "like a real one, only smaller".

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