Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by rfcjonnya, Jun 18, 2009.

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  1. I feel as though I have not stopped asking uestions since I joined up-wait a minute I haven't :D Anyway what is the maximum BMI to join the RN? I am as fit as a fiddle and can run the 1.5 in 11 minutes. I can do the 23 press ups and 39 sit-ups required in under 1 minute. The only thing which i bothering me is my BMI. According to a site I have been on it says I am clinically obese :?: That is mental because if you ever see me you will see that I am quiet built but carrying a bit of weight. My height is 6ft 2".

    Can anyone shed some light on this. I am only in my early stages of applying so I am looking to shed more weight before my medical.

  2. 'I am as fit as a fiddle and can run the 1.5 in 11 minutes. I can do the 23 press ups and 39 sit-ups required in under 1 minute.'

    Basically that is not fit as a fiddle and you have a BMI, I'm not sure of the highest BMI but it would expect it to be in the normal range I assume, either way you should be looking to improve your time on your run and get your BMI ino the normal range.
  3. Slight exaggeration on my part. :D :D I know for a fact that my BMI will be down before my medical but not in the normal range, it will be at the overweight range. However do the doctors take in your muscle size's and your build? If I had a BMI in the normal range I would look ill.

  4. Jonny

    How much do you weigh?
  5. 17 stone. :oops: :oops: Been training like a mad man to get it down though. I am a boxer aswell and have been told to keep my weight around 16st 6pounds. Obviously got to lose a bit of weight to get to that.

  6. Is it not true that for borderline candidates they can take a waist measurement in lieu of a BMI if the candidate is built like a brick wc block?
  7. I take it back because 11 minues is a good time for someone of your build, bu you beter get that weight off before Raleigh as it won't help you there. You do weights and that? At 6' 2" unless you're wide as a house you would look fine at about 12 stone mate and that would be normal I believe. I am 6' 6" and 13 stone dead on, I admit I am slim but not anorexic and wearing a large or extra large man in clothes they fit me fine.
  8. "but its mostly muscle innit?" David Brent
  9. I am trying big time to get down. I have been told that I am built like a machine. I do weights also. If I where to get down to 12 stone believe you me I would look seriously ill.

  10. You had me laughing there. Nah I am just big boned :D :D But seriously I am carrying excess weight as I have said but I thought if fit enough to do the fitness tests and such then I would be allowed entry. Obviously not :D

  11. I think that if you have a waist under 38" then you should be okay.
  12. Jonny

    I think that your BMI is just above 30.

    I think that it would be in your interests to work your way down to about 14 1/2 - 15 stone, if you can. 15 stone would give you a BMI of around 27.
  13. I am going to try my hardest to get my weight down but I dont like saying this but I am built like the side of s shit house wall. 16 stone would be ideal for my size.

  14. Jonny, 11 minutes is bare minimum battlefield fitness time for under 30's, so even if you think your body is ideal you are still going to struggle with the aerobic.
  15. Jonny any weight that ain't muscle is useless, I don't know my body fat but it's fairly low, what's yours? I would say any normal shaped person of 6' 2" would be fine at about 12 stone, slim but fine. But at 15 stone at all muscle you'd be fine, problem is when you lose weight you lose muscle not fat cause of the amount of calories in muscle and it being easier to burn, something like that anyway.
  16. Hmmm, wouldn't suggest 12st for a 6'2" bloke imo, 14-15 stone should be fine. I base this on being 5'7'' and weighing 12.5 stone having done a metric fcuktonne of weight training i.e. I don't have a belly and I'm lifting 100kg on the bench. He may be 6'2'' but I reckon he doesn't have the frame to survive at 12 st. Some folks can get away with being featherweight at 6'+ but there are separate body types for people:


    I would guess at 17st. he'll either be ecto or mesomorph. Check your shoulders Jonny, chances are if they're quite built/wide (from what folks have said with the 'machine' comment) you're more than likely a mesomorphic type.

  17. Other end of the spectrum...I know I have to be in the "healthy" category, but all my life I have been right on the border (get out the violins!). I eat like a horse and am trying to put weight on but it's not really happening. Do you think this is going to be a problem? Or maybe I can just squat down a bit when they measure my height and then I'll be fine? :p It's just annoying when you're fit and healthy but told that you're not by some calculation. My doctor calls me "athletic" so just hoping that the doc I see for my medical will feel the same way. Can this risk me not getting in though cos I'd be gutted if it does :(
  18. I am mesomorth mate :D And being 12 st would not be right for me I know that. I would have to be ill to get it down to that. I have been going to the gym regularly and losing alot of weight now. At aroung 16 stone I reckon would be my ideal weight (muscle etc). Will be interesting what my boxing trainer says when I say I am going to lose another stone :D He will be raging:D

  19. Body Builders enter competitions at about 15 stone, I know someone 6' 1" who was doing so at 14 stone. So can't tell me you'd be ill at 12 unless you're wider than a door, or too wide to fit into standard clothing.
  20. LMAO, fit as a fiddle.

    My Dad is over 50 and runs his 1.5 in 9mins 40! He doesnt even go running more than twice a week!

    Edit: Just read your weight thing lol, you may think thats an ideal build, and for casavacing your wounded mate out of there it probably is, but its not gonna help you for battlefield fitness as someone said before. But thats what the Fijians are for lol! Tanks and fit lads most of them.

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