I'm not sure if this has been asked already but after a quick search I couldn't find the answer.... does anyone know what the required BMI (Body Mass Index) is for recruits applying to the RN (pre-medical and fitness) and then prior to/going to Raliegh?
I still have a bit of weight to lose and wanted to know how quickly I could apply, as I want to get in as soon as possible, but I dont want to get turned away unneccesarily at the medical for the sake of a few pounds and then have a restriction on when I can reapply.


I have passed the medical, as long as you are with in your BMI there should not be a problem. when I went for my medical the doc had a chart and we discused wether i am a small meduim or large bulid, under neath each heading they had the height/weight and BMI, if you are that worried then go and see your doc or nurse and ask for a health check to make sure that all is ok, they will aslo be able to advise you if there are any problems.
hope this helps
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