Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by snapdragon, Jul 18, 2006.

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  1. I should have had my aptitude test today, but had to cancel. Very disappointed.

    Just read something about BMI- and that if it's too high or too low you'll be rejected? Is this true? I don't know what my BMI is, not very high at all i don't think. I know i'm 'underweight'. Weight issues wind me up, i've had nothing but hurtful comments about my weight since i was about 5 years old, and i fail to see how i can truly be underweight if i eat well and exercise. So what i'm asking is this: What's the lowest acceptible BMI, and if i failed to get in because of a low one, would fattening up (not that i can) be an alternative? If so, why? Or is the BMI test just one facet of the health assessment?

  2. This is easy to sort out,just pop along to your GP's surgery and speak to the nice Practise Nurse and get her to do your BMI.If youre under then a few Big Macs if over then Less Big Macs!As to the current regs on BMI i should think that your local recruitment bod will be able to dig them out for you.As a rule of thumb,youll be rejected only if you are either a Biafran refugee in stature or resemble Jabba The Hutt!
  3. Here is a BMI calculator

    If you do a google search for "bmi calculator" you will get a few, you can work it out using imperial or metric measurements.
  4. The BMI is not a bad indication of weight versus health. However, as it states on the link from above;

    It may overestimate body fat in athletes and others who have a muscular build.

    It may underestimate body fat in older persons and others who have lost muscle mass.

    Which if you consider that muscle is heavier than fat, these type of calculations can often be out a lot. Imagine trying to tell a Devonport Field Gun wheel number that he is obese. Rather you than me. :wink: :lol:
  5. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    The rules have been changed quite recently Snapdragon to accomodate the bigger people applying. By bigger, I mean the fcukers who are built like brick sh1thouses. I believe the bmi is up to something like 28/29 now. Muscle density can weigh as much as 3 times as fat so the BMI test is not the be all and end all. FYI, Jonah Lomu of the NZ All Blacks was classed as clinically obese during the 1995 Rugby world cup. He could do the 100m in 10 odd seconds.....
    As for underweight, it all depends on how much underweight you are. If you are waif like, you WILL struggle on some evolutions during basic training and at sea. I've seen it myself with some guys/girls unable to lift hatches due to being not strong enough. Your best bet would be to see a qualified nutrionist (not some chimp in the local gym who's on 10k a year) to discuss how you can put on the right weight in a sensible period of time. You don't have to be a muscle bosun, just the right weight to ensure that you don't do yourself an injury or become a liability.
  6. Which is why i suggest a trip to the Surgery!
  7. tom cruse is considered obese according to his BMI test ( I was watching this morning the other day) as is George Clooney, hardly porkers by any standards.

    As long as you have a good height to weight ratio I shouldn't worry to much.
  8. BMI is pretty crap in any group of people who go to the gym. The governor of California would have a BMI of about 40 (guess).

    BR1750A - Handbook of Naval Medical Standards - uses the BMI as a guide, but relies more on an average weight (for height/build) +10%. You should be below this.

    In general terms, the BMI should be fine as long as you're of medium build, but a trip to your practice nurse is prob not a bad idea!
  9. Thanks everyone. I am pretty tiny, but build muscle quickly. I've never been able to gain an ounce of fat in my life. I wouldn't say i'm weak, but if i could put fat on it wouldn't alter my strength, it'd just look like it would.

    People have told me i'm underweight/anorexic (with what i eat!)/ skinny, but i think i'm just an average girl weight and size. As i said, i build muscle quickly, but yet still never seem to put weight on (go figure).

    I'll just have to see how it goes, i need to build strength up first so i can train after the op.

  10. Im 5f7 7 and 9stone i was 10stone 6 and was considered to heavy so i lost the weight although some people say i was ok as i was i have a BMI of 21.2 which is smack bang in the middle of what it should be.
  11. Hey everybody!

    Just reading this is getting me a bit worried. I've got my psychometrics on the 10th August, so thats the first step.

    However, I'm no waif. In fact, I'm rather the opposite. Just checking my BMI, I'm technically classed as obese. Annoyingly, I'm not THAT fat. I agree I'm carrying some extra baggage, but to get my through the physical, I'm going to the gym every day now to try get that 2.4k in 11mins 30 down, and losing weight through that.

    I'm never going to be small though, I'm 6'2" and built like a rugby player (I just don't play it). Should I be worried and really try to get my weight down to within BMI limits?

    Thanks guys.
  12. I wouldnt worry too much BlackDwarf, I was in a similar boat to yourself, the Raleigh doc took an interest in me saying I was "Obese" at BMI 29 or so. I was 6'2", same rugby like build, 50" chest, 19" neck, 34" waist (suits made by the tailor), and after the 4x daily PT of basic there was no fat on my guts, I had no arse to sit on, and still this fat knacker of a two and a half ringer was pulling at my body trying to caliper me, getting nothing, and saying "I just dont understand how you can be that heavy" (205 lbs, down from 225 on entry).

    I ran the 1.5 miler (thats the 2.4K) in 6.58, down from 8.05 on entry, later on in POLC (leadership course) ran 8.30 on arrival and 7.06 leaving, the trick is you have to show improvement, you cant dawdle on the first run, but you need to go balls out on the final run. I would say three milers are good for getting your speed up, 22 mins is an acceptable starting pace, I went into basic doing 18 mins for 3 miles at least 4 times a week. If you can get your 1.5 mile time below 10 mins you are at a good starting point, as once you join and theres the element of competition and others in the pack you will find you drop another 30 secs easily.

    Good luck, dont forget to stretch and warm down!
  13. I'm currently loosing weight to retake my medical. i'm also 6ft2 i weighed 108kg's and i was told i had to get down to 97kgs (1to go!!) and i was on the largest body frame
  14. I thought we were talking about the airline :)
  15. i see your username has no reflection of reality then? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  16. I thought it was about the airline aswell---- :lol: :lol:

    So much for abbreviations ---------us none medical health guys need extra tuition on terminology so please speak plain english

    BMI Baby --heheh!

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