BMI slightly too low.. TMU?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by JDCET, Apr 20, 2015.

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  1. Hi, I've had a look through the search function and most BMI posts seem outdated or about high BMI rather than low BMI.

    Just completed my Interview today, so medical next.. Now, I'm 18 years old and quite slim and tall.. Which puts my BMI just below the benchmark of 18. Reading 17.5. Which is frustrating as I've only just turned 18 years old as the benchmark for 17 year olds is a BMI of 17.

    Obviously I'll try to put on a few kilos in the mean time. My earliest medical will probably be the start of June so I've got some time to put on a kilo or two.

    Would I be marked TMU because of a slightly low BMI score until I reached 18? Seems like quite a silly question but just want to be sure.
  2. I wish you the very best - and I hope you get some helpful and sensible answers.

    At this early stage of a potential naval career, please do not be disheartened by any answers which are less than serious; it's part of the "banter" thing.

    From my own point of view, I'd be delighted with a BMI which indicated something less than "What? How many pies??"

    So good luck!
  3. Unfortunately yes. I've experienced your pain and know exactly what it's like but, from personal experience, the medical is based on BMI so even though you might be around the right BMI for your weight, if you're below the minimum, you will be declared TMU.

    In terms of putting on weight, eat, a lot and go to the gym!! And fingers crossed you get there because it's a horrible feeling when you're under!
  4. Eat plenty, 0.5 is easily achievable by June. You will also be weighed again on PRNC and if still below will be reported to your CA and medical officer at Raleigh. They wallah ether final
    Decision of you go to Raleigh or not.

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  5. Thanks for the replies guys, really helpful :). 0.5 is very achievable for June, I've put on weight recently but its been a struggle.

    Hopefully all will be well by the Medical Stage.
  6. Cheers mate, really helpful :) going to go to the gym everyday now for a good month hahaha
  7. Make sure you eat plenty too or else you'll lose more weight doing that. Making sure you hit a certain amount of calories by counting calories is a good idea.
  8. If you struggle to eat your calories, remember you can drink them too, protein shakes with milk contain lots of calories. There's plenty of advice on the internet on picking up weight. I'd even suggest Creatine as a supplement if you use a proper loading phase and look into it more as that'll retain more water weight for you.
  9. JDCET - remember that a litre of water, coffee, milk or virtually any liquid weighs a kilo.

    Think about it!

    You'll have to give a urine sample anyway...........
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  10. I've already concisidered this, looks like it's something I'll be doing. I wouldn't say I'm underweight it's just annoying being so close to the 'average' weight.
  11. Simple solution: Eat more.
    If you start taking mass gainers that, in my mind, is a temporary solution. Like the majority of weightlifters who take these supplements, their diet is appalling. Concentrate on eating properly, good nutrition and good meal frequency, and track the nutrition you are eating. The way to fix this is to education yourself in nutrition. The same temporary solution is like taking Creatine where you will hold water more and have an increase amount of weight in that way.
    These supplements are supplements for your diet. Change your diet and there's no need for these temporary fixes.
  12. I agree with this, I've started taking weight gainers as my diet is already pretty decent, I get quite a lot of protine, carbs etc, 3 big meals a day. But I just struggle with eating more. I'm quite skinny so eating and eating is something I can't really do well. They're a temporary fix but hopefully I'll be able to maintain my weight after using these supplements :)

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