BMI hadnt even crossed my mind for medical?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by blondiie, Aug 11, 2010.

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  1. hey guys,

    read on here last night my bmi has to be healthy...among other things...

    well wasnt i gutted when i went to the gym today and my trainer figured mine out.

    iv been training for 6 months and lost 2 stone during and my bmi is 37.7 higher than it was when i started training!


    i weight 13st 1lb and im 5ft 8" i can honestly say im not skinny but in no way would class my self as overweight ! i feel iv gained more muscle than anything else...where would the medical stand on this?

    i can run my 1.5 with ease at 12 mins ishhh.

    can honestly say i feel like a big fat heffer with a bmi of that!

  2. 37.7 is clinically obese.

    Sorry to put it bluntly, but it's true.
  3. Your BMI is actually 27. Not that bad. A stone off and you'll be ok.

    37.7 would make you a ******* weevil.
  4. ooops my typo!

    swear its my boobs and arse. if i didnt have them id be fineee.

    still gutted though! been workin really hard gonna have to upppp my game i rekon
  5. Don't be too hard on yourself. You've already made progress. Watch what you eat and run. It is the best way to lose weight and improve fitness. Aim for 11 mins or less as a female that would put you in a good position regarding fitness.

    Boobs and arse is good! Just keep going!

  6. I am being tough but its cos i really dont want to go back to 15 stone +

    im quite proud of weight iv lost and shape im in.

    just need to run more and do interval training rather than just enjoying my runs.

    deffo gonna get my time down to that this month its my goal now !

    trust a man to say boobs and arse is good
  7. I understand I was 18 stone but got myself down to 12 stone and a bit for when I rejoined. All I did was eat properly and ran!

    It was hardwork but it was that simple.
  8. yes i agree!

    did you ever just feel like i started to come off all at once and you got fit so quick and then you sort of stopped and stayed the same fitness for agges and same weight?
  9. I came across many weight loss hurdles. Yes I felt like I wasn't making further progress but I just continued pushing myself and I overcame the hurdles.
  10. Knackers, I just had a go, and got 27, man boobs and fat arse are not good! No wonder I don't fit in my bloody riding boots anymore :roll:

    or my breeches, jacket, jeans..........
  11. BMI means nothing at all. Don't worry about it Blondiie. :)
  12. thanks! fingers crossed then. im sure il have lost alot more by time my medical comes around !
  13. You'll be fine just keep working hard and running you'll get where you want to be.
  14. thankyou !
  15. fairplay im 17 stone at the moment...looks like i gotta get myself down to that eating well and do work a physical you think if i stopped lifting weights this would help to lose weight?? i know i defo got to run a lot more than what i do
  16. If you want to get in I'd personally cut down on the weight lifting and concentrate on the running. No point being built like a brick shithouse if you can't pass the PJFT and the RNFT(once your in)
  17. i think i need to stop weights.
    was just reading muscle weighs more than fat ?
    i just dont want wobbly bits off where iv lost weight cannit win!
  18. There's nothing wrong with toning up, muscle does weigh more than fat. However there is no point in getting big before you get in, once you're in there are plenty of muscle bosun's you can join in with.

    You have a PM blondiie
  19. yeh true...running has gotta be the main focus...i can run in time for the sure about the rnft have to check my long did it take u too shift that 6 stone mate? i was 22 stone and smoking but managed to get down to 17 and stop smoking so i am making progress in the right direction

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