BMI for rejoin...

Afternoon all.

Just joined the forum to see if I can get some info on this BMI business...?

I'm in the process of rejoining the RM and I have been told that I will need to undergo a BMI check as part of the medical. I am by no means a fatty, and I'm certainly not a phys dodger. However, when I enter my stats on to the NHS BMI calculator, it tells me that I'm "overweight". I'm just over 6"1' with a 32 inch waist... Is the BMI check a hard and fast rule, or is there some wriggle room for those of us that don't fit in to Zara XXXS???

Many thanks all!


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We have no medical bods on here, as the rugby Internationals fail BMI, one would hope a one to one with a doctor they could make the call. In service I failed all medicals. Due to BMI, rugby prop but was always passed fit by a doctor, the difference between physical and medical fitness?
Have you asked your recruiter?
Good luck
We suffer from the same issue! I've always been more the prop figure as apposed to the emo vegan princess... I have been told that if the BMI comes in too high, they fall back on some simple body measurements to settle the score!? But the recruiter seems to think that the BMI is the be all and end all. Hopefully I can dazzle the doc with my stunning blue eyes and if that fails... maybe a hand job!?

Unfortunately, they were all binned some time ago...
When I left, I cleared out my lockers and upon bringing the contents home, the Mrs found a bag full of old spunk and blood ridden skimpy dresses... I had to convince her that I wasn't a serial rapist/murderer. She's now an ex wife... No sense of humour.


I failed on BMI aswell I had to diet and make weight for the stupid thing. If you have a waist measurement of less than 93cm then it doesn't matter if your BMI is unhealthy. If your waist is bigger than that the put you as TMU until your BMI is 28 I've done mma and powerlifting for years so I got down as close as I could diet wise and just sauna the day before the weigh in and lost 5kg as I'm already fairly lean. BMI is bollocks haha
Cheers gents...

Luckily I have below the prerequisite (and if I do say so myself, exquisite) waist measurement, so it looks like I'm in luck!
However, it does seem a bit silly that 60-70% of the world's international rugby squads would fail the entry standards on both waist measurement, and weight! But hey-ho... bunch of fat c*nts I suppose!