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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Topaz, Jun 5, 2008.

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  1. Help please =[

    I had my medical a few months ago and passed.
    Thing is ive put on abit of weight since then.
    Im not talking loads just a couple of pounds.

    Thing is my weight keeps changing every day... so that one day my BMI is fine, but if put on a pound it says im over weight.

    Any ideas how to lose weight fast?
    Thats without going on a rabbit food diet.
    I have around 6weeks :|
  2. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Regular (twice a day) sex

    Volunteers to help with the programme sign up below.
  3. Mate BMI dose not matter.

    can you run your mile and a half (2.4k) ?
  4. Just a few:

    No snacking inbetween meals or eating after 7ish.
    Replace chocolate with fruit.
    Cutting down on alcohol intake, particulally if it comes in pint form.
    No late night takeaways.
    Not forgetting...regular excercise too.
  5. Hmm I agree with everything everyones said.
    Janners is also a very intersting idea haha.

    Ant, I basicaly do everything youve said.. I just cant seem to shift the weight.
    Its just my figure I swear! I hate BMI.

    If Im only like a pound over will they send me back when I get to Raleigh?
  6. Hi!

    I lost 5 stone in weight so can give you some advice.

    I actually went to a Weightwatchers class, but the following will give you a rough idea.

    I would suggest that you include a fair bit of lean protein in your diet - eggs - grilled fish, chicken, occasionally lean red meat - tinned fish eg tuna - use pulses too (chick peas, kidney beans etc) - cottage cheese if you can bear it (baked potato with cottage cheese is nice) - if you grate hard cheese it goes further, so you can still have a little each week - wholemeal bread - wholegrain breakfast cereal - brown rice - baked potatoes - wholemeal pasta etc - Low in fat sunflower margarine - skimmed milk and yoghurts - fruit of your choice.

    Breakfast could be toast, boiled egg, fruit, yoghurt, cereal

    Lunch could be big plate of salad, baked potato filled with cottage cheese
    and tuna, fruit and a drink

    Dinner could be grilled chicken/fish with loads of vegetables and wholemeal pasta plus fruit and a drink. Home made stir fry with wholemeal rice is great - get a light oil spray.

    Snacks could be fruit and yoghurts or crispbread with peanut butter (and a sliced banana - one of my faves).

    No full fat fizz, just low sugar drinks or water. Plenty of water.

    Fill up on the good stuff and you won't miss the other stuff.

    Combine this with exercise, as the others have said - I found swimming three times a week worked for me - and you'll be fine.
  7. is British Midlands going under - ive got a flight booked to valhalla next week
  8. Of course they will. Didn't they tell you the exact weight you had to be at the AFCO? 'Like' not a pound more or less? They usually do.
  9. Serious? =|
    Im screwed.

    My diet is mostly healthy minus the chocolate, I duno what to do, oh dear
  10. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Taken my advice then Topaz :dwarf:
  11. Stop being like the Labour government! You are obsessing about the figure instead of the bigger picture.

    Whether your BMI is 25 or 26 really doesn't matter. It's the trend and, more importantly, your general fitness and health. If you are piling on the pounds and noticing you are a bit more out of breath climbing hills / walking stairs than previously then it is a problem and you need to act. If you feel you are fitter than previously then don't worry. Muscle is heavier than fat, so a modest increase in weight can reflect improved physical fitness.

    Think about what you do: how much exercise do you do now compared to previously? If it is less, then do more. How much do you eat? Do you go out boozing more? Do you get big eats on the way home? If so - then cut down / stop.

    It is not hard these days to eat a healthy diet - every food has a calorie count on it, and everyone is advised to eat 5 portions of fruit or veg daily.

    It really is just a bit of common sense.
  12. You just need to exercise ---no sitting around -drive less walk more .
    Tv and computers use them less .
    Eat when you are hungry and no large meals at regular meal times .

    As mentioned concentrate on the mile and a half [2.4 k] run time

    and stop worrying !!

    :nemo: :nemo:
  13. Topaz,

    Don't worry about your weight. Raleigh would only throw someone out if they were extremely over-weight. If you passed the medical recently then you will not be that over-weight. As people have said BMI is really only a guide for the medical people.

    Just eat sensibly and keep up the exercise programme that was given to you by the AFCO and you will be fine. During your 9 weeks of training at Raleigh you will find that you come back to your optimum weight.

    Hope this helps Topaz, but if you're still unsure, give your careers advisor a call.

    Good luck with your future in the RN

    Neil - Supermario

  14. Had to crash lose about three quarters of a stone a few months back coz the missus bought me a parachute jump for my birthday, and the max weight was 15stone. Went on the slimfast diet. One smoothie for breakfast, another for lunch, and then a normal dinner. It worked, I lost the weight and did the jump, but as soon as I came off the diet the weight went back on again. The only way to lose weight and keep the weight off is to eat sensibly as per Soleil's previous post.
  15. Thanks everyone Im guna do what you said and stop binging on chocolate.
  16. Topaz, hi, remember that BMI is a rubbish indication.

    Mine is 28. I am six foot 3 and am 15.5 stone. But, that is only fromplaying rugby etc.

    Unfortuneatly the Navy seem to like it. There are better methods. And like someone said above, if you can run the 1.5 mile in the alotted time, afew pounds isn't going to matter.

    I am preparing for a contradiction barage!
  17. Use a sauna it will work

    and weight yourself at the same time each day as body fluids can change your reeding by a few pounds.
  18. I've always found BMI better than BA!! Oh sorry thoght this was about British Midland International Airways!

    Hasn't BMI in relation to height/weight been shown to be a load of pony cause all the Rugby World Cup England team were according to their BMI were obese, as it doesn't take weight of muscle into account.
  19. Low carb/high protein... Absolutely zero alcohol but if this is impossible drink one glass of red (must be red) wine max per day with evening meal.

    Drink water in copious amounts as this helps transport fat cells away from body.

    Then try this regime on alternate days:

    Day 1

    Breakfast: 2 x weetabix/semi skimmed milk or porridge with honey

    static cycle for 20 mins easy effort

    Lunch: Large glass of fruit juice

    Early dinner (17:00 ish): Tin sardines on 1 slice toast with small portion green leaf salad. (nothing else)

    static cycle for 30 mins working to max effort

    Day 2

    Breakfast as day 1

    Run 2-4 miles nice easy pace (don't get out of breath) speed walk instead if you have to

    Lunch: Large glass fruit juice

    Early dinner: 2 eggs scrambled plus 2 slices bacon and half of small packet of Doritos or similar corn based snack (nothing else)

    Gym curcuit training or static cycle 40 mins max effort

    AVOID at all cost (unless otherwise stated): Pots, alcohol (as stated), too much bread, salts (unless dehydrated), sugar (use honey instead to sweeten), cheese, butter or marg, any snack or ready meals.

    Leave 2 clear hours after meals before exercising.

    It works. I lost a lot of weight (too much probably) in a very short space of time, but I (like you) had a particular reason to.

    I agree that the BMI is a bit stupid, but if that's the accepted system then that is what you are up against - like it or not! One day they will come up with a more inteligent way of judging body composition..... Don't hold your breath though.

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