BMI below 25?

Discussion in 'RFA' started by Nially, Jun 13, 2016.

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  1. I have an interview in July for RFA Seaman Apprentice which, obviously, I plan to pass. If I were to take a medical the next day I'd fail though because my BMI is more than 25. Does anyone know how long the gap is between interview and medical? I can get below 25 but it'll take a while....
  2. exJenny

    exJenny War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Have we become fully integrated into the RN???

    Read the rfa sub-forum to get a better understanding of the RFA recruitment procedure. Also, google ENG1 medicals.
  3. Hmm. An answer that patronises rather than helps.
    I have looked at the sub forums, extensively, but was unable to find an answer to my query, hence the question. Likewise the Google Search. Ditto. Hence the forum question.
    Thanks exJenny, your input has been awesome.
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  4. She's pointed you in the right direction, just say thanks and actually do what she's suggested.

    A quick forum search shows 126 results for 'Eng1' so I'm quite dubious that you've "extensively" looked at anything. If you had Googled 'Eng1' you'd have an absolute shit tonne of results explaining what's involved, where they're available from & loads of forum results covering which places are strict/lenient... all that good shit that you've extensively missed.
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  5. On this site if you are asking questions you will get help but not spoon fed, if you are in your position because you are a lazy shite then that will be sussed and you will be given shit. It is your life and your career not everything will be easy be prepared to work hard and find things out for yourself or don't and fail?
    Good luck
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  6. Wow. Such venom. No answer, of course.
    I have looked extensively for information and am well aware of what's involved re ENG1 - spare the one thing I asked.
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  7. Best you start running you fat knacker.
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  8. that's not nice I would love to have a BMI less that 25, but I would have to role the clock back some 30 years to the last time I was, probably closer to 40 years, I need to get mine down to less than 40(BMI) for a knee OP, how do I know this I found out by asking the doctor, but he may of lied, best I check?
    May be the poster recruiter could find out for them?
  9. Nice isn't my speciality and are you looking to join the RFA @Sumo ? :eek::D
  10. Dapper like you I have done enough sea time, may be the op needs to get their BMI below 25, then no issue, if exercise and food control are not enough, they could try growing a few inches, that will help?
    I am not over weight, I am 2 foot short:oops::rolleyes:o_O
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  11. You have to obtain your ENG1 after being offered a conditional contract. Depending on your projected start date you could have quite a while to hit the treadmill (or just modify diet; much easier). From the look of the ENG requirements it's up to the doctor, but you can get away with as high as 30-35 if you're reasonably muscular and have broad shoulders.

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  12. That kind of happened to me all my RN career, I was always over the weight limits, including joining up, talking scales would say get off you fat twat, but due to heavy sport, rugby, Judo, micky mouse Field Gun plus anything the PTI’s throw at me I managed to get away with it. One medic tried to tell the Cdr Surgeon I was aft and should not pass my promotion medical, nonsense says doc he is a prop forward, he is supposed to be that shape, anther promotion medical anther medic tried the same thing, that time the doc had known me for years and he had been the tank doc when INM 4 ring surgeon passed me fit for escape training. Simple get skinny or mega fit and hope the reviewing doc can see the difference between fat knacker and sporty types?

    2 ringer doc failed me for Royal Arthur medical, then called me back a week later when my med docs arrived from Dolphin, he was a bit perplexed and asked why I did not tell him I had just been past fit and had completed SETT training, you never asked I said? The boss doc in Drake told him to look at me like a doctor and not just compare me to a graph and a set of stats.
  13. Where did you read a BMI over 25 is a fail? Between 30-35 you may have to do the Chester step test, depends on your frame, broad at the shoulders, muscular, etc. Over 35 can be a problem.
  14. Surely Body Mass Index is about as reliable as IQ tests, which is about as reliable as the horlicks we have been fed about good fats and bad fats?
  15. It's fairly reliable, but of course there are always exceptions @Sumo

    Oh, and don't call me Shirley :)
  16. Are Dapper you are saying I am exceptional thanks?
  17. 95% of the rfa have a bmi over 25. You wont look out of place
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  18. Sure. Except at spelling of course! :p
  19. So, the medic thought you played at No.8 ? :)
  20. looks like the Dyslexic anagram for fat

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