BMI and pre join medical

How much do they focus on your BMI score for the Pre join medical for RN?

My BMI is currently over 25 and as long as I remember it always has been. I have checked my body stats with my gym and that tells me that my fat mass is a little high but because my muscle mass is also high this is the reason my BMI is over and even if I drop the little fat I need to I will still be above the 25 BMI they are looking for.

I have been reading around on this and every conclusion about BMI is that it is not representative of the individual and is not medically sound.

If the Medical Dr can see I am healthy and in good shape, will I still fail due to my BMI being high or can they consider it logically and still pass me with high BMI if they confirm I am healthy and fit for service?
I have a BMI of 28, and just passed my 10 year medical with flying colours, the Dr took a common sense approach to the matter. Having a low resting heart rate probably helped as well.

I can't comment on entry medicals (but I'm sure Angry Doc will be along to be angry soon enough) but I would hope we're not that moronic....


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Entry medicals are indeed based on the BMI scale.

The medical examiner has a degree of latitude with regard individuals who are clearly muscular with no excessive fat (typically rugby players, body builders etc.) That said, CV fitness is the key to basic training, not the ability to lift weights.


BMI may be inexact, but some measurement has to be made.

If you have a high BMI for "good" reasons, you still are carrying too much weight. That will have consequences on your knees and hips in a few years once arthritic change happens.

As doctors we do have some latitude, but please don't be under the illusion that, just because you are carrying muscle and not fat, you are healthier than someone with a BMI of 23.
I am concentrating on my CV fitness now. Before my application I was into weight training which is why i have the muscle bulk. I would liken myself to a rugby kind of build.

The only weights i am doing now is body mass stuff suck as press ups, squats, pull ups, dips etc. no excess weight just my own body mass.

Im concentrating on burning the fat that i do need to get rid of but i am just concerned that once that has gone, which wont take me too long, i will still be over and risk failing medial. I know that I am in great medical shape and have no current or previous conditions that would stop me entring, BMI (despite its obvious inpracticality) is my only downfall hence the worrie on this.

Would anyone say it is worth discussing with my AFCO or should i just wait until medical which i am told i should be having towards the end of June/early July?
cheers angrydoc, noted and understood. Although I will have the time to drop the fat before medical, I will prob struggle to drop all the weight without taking drastic and unhealthy measures which i think you will agree would not be wise considering training to improve my CV fitness to its best possible level.
When I had my medical my BMI was over 25. The doctor then measured my waist size as apparently the rules had become that anyone over 25 BMI needed to have a waist size 94cm or less. The waist size was used as an indicator of body fat % so that anyone with muscle weight didn't get failed for BMI value.
What Muggins says is true, if your BMI is high they will measure your waist measurements and then make a decision on if your are within the entry guidelines. At the end of the day only the medical/CHS Dr can give you the answer you need.

Hope all goes well

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