Blunkett's bobbies stood by as boy, 10, drowned

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Sep 21, 2007.

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  1. Well back to the Mail again:

    Blunkett's bobbies stood by as boy, 10, drowned trying to save his sister:

    I am not a supporter of PCSOs as I believe that one real police officer is better than two PCSOs.

    However, though I believe that they could have done more perhaps there were good reasons.
    The water in the pond has been reported to be six foot deep, perhaps these PCSOs were terrified of water.

    The parents are castigating these two young PCSOs, however there are questions which should be asked.

    1. Should a group of young children (obviously non swimmers) the eldest of which was ten be allowed out unsupervised?
    2. Should parents allow their children to play near deep water?
    3. Should parents expect others to take responsibility for their offspring?

    I believe that if these kids had been supervised correctly then this unfortunate incident would not have occurred.
  2. From the details that have been published/aired in the case, the label that should be attached to these two individuals is "cowards". They have shamed their Force and the name of police officers. Check under their shirt for a yellow streak down their backs. Shocking.

  3. And the parents?
  4. I doubt if many of us would be "qualified" to act in such an event - but it wouldn't stop the vast majority of doing something other than cry for help. A pox on these two useless twatts !!
  5. I hope they name names and show the faces of these two scum on national tv, so they can be avoided by decent human beings
    geoff(ers) :nemo:
  6. So if these two PCSOs had not been on the scene, who would the parents point the finger of responsibilty at?
  7. In years gone by (and I'm "looking" at the older ones on the forum), there would be nothing wrong with kids being out and about by themselves like this. Survey after survey recently has found that our kids these days are mollycoddled and less independent than their counterparts in days gone by, for various reasons, good and bad. Should the kids have been there unsupervised? Without knowing the situation nor the kids, I don't think any of us can provide a true answer. But I feel strongly that the PCSOs have shown themselves less than true members of regularly organised society, and this death is on their head. And to add to their shame, they hide behind the Health and Safety cry of "we aren't trained". Gutless cowards.
  8. Very true Slim but surely if you or I were there I think we would have at least tried to get him out.
    After all, the young lad was trying to save his younger sister.
  9. Rod I most certainly would have gone into the water. However I am fairly competent in the oggin.
    I don't know the age of these two PCSOs, or their standard of maturity.
    Now my fear is heights, if an incident happenned on a high bridge or somewhere similar, would I put myself in danger to save a child, or would my fear make me freeze? I hope not, but I don't know.
    However what annoys me is that in today's society people seem unable to take responsibility for their own children, they never see themselves being to blame.
  10. Slim, to a point I agree. But I also strongly believe that society has become a "look the other way" society, especially when kids are involved. To paraphrase one speaker, "it takes a village to raise a child", not just a family.
  11. That is certainly old school and worked well when all kids respected all adults. These days if something is said to a kid who is misbehaving, the first thing that happens is he tells you to fck off, the next thing is his thick chav dad comes around threatening you.
  12. I agree about taking resposibility by the parents and as for the 2 PCSO I suppose they would be damned if they did and damned if they didnt,
    Being cynical,I would imagine the police would have milked the publicity for all its worth had they gone in and rescued these 2 and also if they had both drowned as well.
    You cant win either way.
  13. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    The truth here folks, its what you get for trying to do Policing on the cheap. When I did my initial training as a Plod lifesaving was a requirement and certainly my whole intake came away from training with various lifesaving awards. You can't take on someone for half the pay, give them a few weeks training and expect the same level of professionism from them.
    Its natural for the parents to seek to place blame on others and as OSLO says, in years gone by we were left to get on with things.
    Certainly during the summer holidays I'd leave the house at 0600 and return at dark, having touched base or worked with my Father (a fisherman) at odd times during the day. Different times, which allowed us to develop life skills at a much earlier age. That and the fact, certainly in smaller towns and villages, lots of people knew you and would be prepared to step in and put you right.
  14. And that is only the situation because people would rather "walk on by". A counter example: I was on a tube train not too long ago when a family (dad, mum and 2 kids, each no more than 10) got on. At the next station, in walk in 2 teenage girls, dolled up beyond their years. For the next 5 minutes, they gossiped loudly to each other, about how "blasted" one of them got the night before, f-ing and blinding like the best stokers I know. Eventually, Dad leans over and says "'scuse me, could you try to teach some more swearwords to my kids?". The 2 teens blushed as red as tommies, and quickly got off at the next stop, to which the carriage around the family applauded.

    We've allowed ourselves to be intimidated by "yoofs". High time to reclaim our society from them, for them and for us.
  15. Society will not be reclaimed until the PC brigade is forcibly retired and the system which allows fit and able people to select social security as a lifestyle is changed. choice
  16. Agree with every word, clear and concise, with nothing left out. COWARDS :pukel: :pukel: :pukel:
  17. Perhaps they couldn't swim themselves?

    The younger children, perhaps? :roll:

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