Discussion in 'History' started by Bollock-chops, Sep 19, 2010.

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  1. I thought it was No.9 dress, a navy type said it was No.8, your learned input appreciated.

    Edited to add, they look like blue barrack dress trousers with a blue shirt, black boots/shoes no elastics.

    Barrack dress in the army was barrack dress trousers, boots, and shirt KF, in winter order, included wooly pully.
  2. Ooh, is this the thread where we have to guess the question from an obscure answer?

    Is it What do the old and bold call 4's?
  3. WTF are you talking about would have sufficed. ;)
  4. Thank you Tattoodog, my memory has failed along other appendages.

    I could have sworn it was 9s never mind eh.
  5. I thought we were all equal these days, so how come Jack doesn't get the option of wearing a skirt ashore?
  6. Before the kit got re-numbered I'm pretty sure 9's was ovies and beret, the other 9's are still going to keep the crushers in a job :D
  7. 9's were ovvies in my day mate, negative black dustbin lid.
  8. As ex-stoker type thingy's we should remember that really, I'm sure the W.E. dept thought ovies were some sort of one-piece suit :wink:
  9. Ovies were only worn when feeling too lazy to iron. i.e. everyday.

    I also used to enjoy rumaging around in my pockets, pulling my cock out and showing unsuspecting wrens what I had found.
  10. Issued to Greenies and Wafus in lieu of pyjamas. :D

  11. Issued to Greenies and Wafus in lieu of pyjamas. :D

  12. Whoops! Too many doubles at my two day burfday bash. :oops: :lol:

  13. 9s were any protective working rig, and included the cookie-boys comedy trousers and white jerkins.

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