Bluestone 42

Anyone else watch this on the Beeb Friday night? Found it funny as fcuk.

tried to post this on Arrse but it appears I'm too fick to post there...
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Sorry, couldn't change the heading of the post.
Didn't realise it had been on before. I note that a second series of 6 episodes has been ordered for 2014
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Missed that, however looks quite good.

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It's definitely been out a while - I missed it the first time but have had it on DVD for a few months now. It is properly good - I'm amazed the BBC signed off on it - "let's make a sitcom based around an IED team in Helmand...." They obviously spent a long time with actual forces types, rather than it all being central casting civvies' idea of what the forces is like. But a lot of it is *very* near the knuckle - very much the British MASH I think (MASH film rather than TV series). Obviously there are bits that don't quite work, but it's an easy 5/5.

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