Blue Peter

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by Scrumpy, Feb 11, 2009.

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  1. It looks like Blue Peter is sailing in shallow waters!

    Blue Peter
  2. I'm 20 now and I think it was on it's way out during my time of watching it. I actually saw it on TV a few days ago and the only thing left that was 'blue peter' was that it was called Blue Peter.

    It's just trashy now.
  3. Its fcuking great, I spend the whole show thinking of things I'd like to do to the Cumbrian bird.
  4. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Signal Deck, Bridge. Starboard Outer Yardarm, Code Papa Haul Down. Code Uniform, Close Up, Hoist!
  5. This one?


    I saw it a few weeks ago and she was doing aircrew escape training with the RN. Interesting stuff.
  6. It sank when Peter pervert, John n Val were no longer there, then Tiswas came along
  7. That's the puppy........ I demand a go on it.
  8. Probably not 'edgy enough'. None of the presenters swear, use innuendo or insult their guests, do they? The BBC has encouraged an entire generation to expect that sort of thing these days so modern youngsters will feel short-changed if that's not what they get.
  9. If only she wasn't northern :(
  10. Cheeky cnut, she's from gods county.
  11. I don't believe in god. If he was real I wouldn't be living in Yorkshire :thumright:
  12. After me your next mate. no sloppies for me!!
  13. Sorry, but its not been the same since Konnie took her puppies home.

    (Id attach the pic, but I cant do it and my head hurts)

    (And Im using it myself)
  14. Are these your puppies?

  15. [​IMG]

    I will break it.....
  16. Never been the same since they changed the shape of the fairy liquid bottles!!! :?
  17. Gave up watching at age 39 when Zoe Salmon left...

  18. Ah yes, the loyalist you would nail.
  19. You could definately do that some damage
  20. yes, thats the girlies.

    Just wiping the kybaord down, back in a minute.

    (If someone can give me a clue as to how to post a pic, Ive got another one I can share).

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