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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Rich1, Jan 14, 2009.

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  1. I've been looking into the idea of being a reservist for a while and was aiming at the RMR. Been to an acquaint evening and have psych test booked for a couple of weeks. Was attracted because of the phys side of it - my day job is quite sedentary so I thought something a bit full on would be good for me in a reserve occupation.
    But.....I then started to hear about the RNR and realised that there was a lot to it that really interested me. There just seem to be a huge number of options there and when I went to my acquaint evening I was impressed by the RNR guys I saw.
    I'm interested in the RNR officer DE route because I think I would be able to benefit from the training and bring my civvy career to bear; I'm 29 so am knocking on a bit and really want to get cracking. I'm thinking of going to an RNR acquaint evening next week - does anyone have any advice for me? Should I go back to the AFCO and cancel the psych test or am I better to stay put and be RMR? Please help!
  2. What area of the country are you in and what is your civvie job?
  3. You'll still need to do the RT test whatever job you go for, so you may as well keep the appointment.

    Yes go along to the evening at the RNR unit,mthat will hopefully give you a good idea what is on offer from them.

    The RMR will definately give you a lot more physical life style than the RNR.


  4. I'm in the Midlands and own a recruitment business so I've spent a lot of time managing people - I know it's totally different in a military environment but I feel I still have a lot to offer.

    Hear what you say re phys and RMR but am just beginning to feel that the leadership option is more open to me with the RNR and there is a lot of diversity as to branch etc.

    All thoughts appreciated
  5. Hey Rich
    heres my take on it for what its worth - if you want to MANAGE men / women join the RNR -- If however you want to LEAD men then the RMR.
    I think you have already made your own mind up havent you - and you are just looking for some justification for your decision
    good luck on whatever you decide
  6. Not much in the way of diversity. Your first couple of years will be spent under training, and the problem with DE is that if you fail, you can't join up again as a Rating.

    Once you're through there, you have a few branch options, but it all depends on what you see yourself doing. Any idea on branches?

    There are a lot more people coming in through the DE route - but in my opinion, they don't have the experience it takes for the Ratings to really follow them - at least in the RNR. Obviously it's different in the RN.
  7. I see the distinction between management and leading and it's a fair point - I suppose I am concerned that at my age (29) that my options for getting an RMR commission are going to be limited and that the leadership wouldn't be something I'd get to do?
  8. 29 is no age mate. Admittedly they were trained ranks but there were guys who did their training into their thirties. Think about it, if your older this means you have more life experience to offer!!
  9. That's a fair point ex-rubberdagger; a couple of mates have said similar things to me but I didn't really think that through. What is the story with officer training after basic training with the RMR then? I know with the regs you've got to start it by the time you're 26 - is that a bit more flexible with the RMR or would it be an idea to serve as a Marine and then look for a commission once I'd got some experience under my belt?

    Advice much appreciated
  10. i'm not sure these days mate because i served in the 1990's but there were guys who did their training as enlisted ranks and then went Corps commision within the RMR. The best person to speak to is ninjastoker.
  11. Rich
    what the hurry to get a commision - you can lead men without being an officer
  12. My advice...

    Go RNR. There's still the physical side of things, and if you want to do more than the required amount no-one will stop you. Depending on what branch you join you still get to go capering about in combats and shooting things with rifles, but you also get opportunities to do other jobs as well at sea and on shore.

    Regarding the commission vs. rating bit...

    I'd recommend going as a JR first, because quite frankly I think the JR's have more fun. As soon as you start getting anchors and lines on your slides then you also get extra responsibilities to look after other people having fun. Sure, you might get a bit of a kick from looking after other people have fun, but at least have some fun yourself first!

    There's also the aspect of managing two careers which can be a little bit stressful. Managing your career as a reservist JR is virtually stress-free, as there always seems to be someone to manage it for you! So once you've gotten some experience of living a double-life as it were, then you'll handle it better with dealing from career pressure from two different sources.
  13. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    To be honest, unless you have previous military experience, it's unlikely you would join the RNR as a Direct Entry Officer - the preferred course is to join as a Rating, gain a bit of an insight, then attend AIB. You'll probably find you are steered in this direction to establish your level of commitment & to gauge your motivation.

    For RMR, as you are quite probably aware, you cannot join as an Officer & must complete Phase 1a RMR training before undergoing a local Commanding Officer's board/interview followed by recommendation, then attempting RMR POC & AIB. In any case, as a trainee, you must achieve this before your 30th birthday for RMR. For RMR Other Rank, the average pipeline time to achieving your green beret is 18-24 months. Many individuals over the maximum age of 26 for regular RM Officers consider the RMR route to "Officerdom" & transferring to Regular RM officer - problem is you tend to be employed in the Support role rather than Troop Commander role, much the same as Senior Corps Commission Officers.
  14. IMHO the RNR is rapidly becoming just a suport organisition for the Royal Marines when deployed, so get fit and join the RMR. I know I would if I had my time again. (Blue touch paper lit, standing well back.)
  15. Agreed. At least the RMR lads mobilising on Herrick with 3 Cdo Bd actually get to serve on Herrick, unlike the poor RNR spakkers swanning around the seamans mish in Dubs. :drunken:
  16. Thanks for letting me know that I'm in Dubai. Effing 3CDOX told me and at least 10 other RNRs that we were somewhere that we couldn't have a drink.

    I know you shouldn't let the truth get in the way of a good dit but I'd hate to think that somebody joined the RMR because they thought that being an RNR spakker meant that they would only "swan around the seamans mish in Dubs"
  17. Go RMR mate,

    Have sent you a PM
  18. The fact that you are considering your options before joining RMR should pretty much answer the question for you. If you are not 120% committed before you start you are unlikley to suceed and will have wasted what might otherwise have been a very fruitful career in RNR.

    Now, that said you have four options:

    1. Join RNR and wonder if you could have ever made it.
    2. Join TA and re-appear some months later on RR as a mitty with a few dits to spin about what you could have done if you had felt like it.
    3. Join RAUXAF as RAF Regt and pretend that you are somehow on a par with Royal.
    4. Swallow all the venom you were about to throw at me with your next post, grab the inner man by the spine, and prove me wrong.....

    Ball's in your court, just what do you want to be?

    Good Luck

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