Blue on Blue - on home turf

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YouAreHavingALaugh said:
Another vicious attack on a naval person by four marines,

I wondered how long after the others got away with it it would happen again.

Controversial I know, but both attacks are four on one by marines on single matelots.

Can i please suggest that you wait until the 'official' findings are released before jumping to conclusions (four on to one) and making inflammatory remarks.

Not everything you read in the papers is 100% accurate

i hope ths poor lad makes a speedy recovery


War Hero
Uninformed opinion, guesswork, ignorance and prejudice deleted. Minor edit to Rigsby's post even though he's absolutely correct.

Subjudice Service investigations and trials or those civvy side involving Service Personnel are not for discussion. The rule doesn't only apply to Current Affairs. It was ever thus.
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