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Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by rod-gearing, May 8, 2007.

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  1. Did anybody who was in the Cod war get a Blue Nose Certificate for crossing the Artic Circle. There was talk of one when we did it on the Rothesay but they never came forward with them.
    Was this an individual ship thing or more of a general fleet issue?
    Just curious.
  2. I got one on the Delight during the first cod war.
    Everyone onboard got one but I think it was a ship thing similar to a crossing the line certificate [got one of those aswell somewhere!! :lol: :lol: ]
  3. We had a crossing the line ceremony of sorts last year when I visited Northern Iceland via ship. Whilst London was having its hottest day ever I was drinking coffee by a log fire in a remote hotel, with snow gently falling outside - in August!!! Bliss! :) Will be crossing into the Arctic in July on my visit to Spitsbergen. Hopefully I'll get the opportunity to be dipped by Lord Neptune! :p
  4. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    My Dad has two somewhere at home dating back to the mid to late 1950s so pre-dating the Cod war by a couple of years!
  5. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    The Blue Nose is the Arctic Circle version of the Crossing the Line Certificate - the difference is that there is not usually a ceremony (well none of the ships I have served on had one anyway..) and it is not tied to any particular operation or time frame. In addition to the certificate presented to each member of the ship's company, it is also customary to paint the bow fairlead blue prior to the ship's next arrival in her base port in order that all might see that she has been north of the Artic Circle.
  6. Got one on the Apollo when we were involved in the 72/73 episode of the cod war (before I saw the light and joined boats!) As said before all onboard got one, with no real ceremony like crossing the line, after crossing inside the artic circle.
  7. Got one on the Achilles for our heroic efforts at throwing spuds at the Thor gunboat... 76
  8. Were they HE Spuds or KE Spuds ?
  9. My hubby has 2 from his days on Super B in 81
  10. Neither, just 'out of date' spuds
  11. Yeah I got one of those certificates for crossing the artic circle and also a certificate for crossing the line ceremony.

    Theyre somewhere in the depths of my wardrobe, suppose i should be cheesy and get them out and actually frame them and put them up on my wall. Haha!!!!!!
  12. Here you go. (The American version)

  13. Used to get them for doing Clockwork, the annual excercise in Norway. Bardufoss is 200 miles inside the Arctic Circle and we used to travel up on "Sir" boats courtesy of the RFA. Then the movers worked out they could get Airmiles and we went cattle class in Fat Albert with Crown Airlines.
  14. Excuse the quality, I've just photographed it :)


    The date is 17th June 1990 :)
  15. Again no ceromony, but got mine from the Eagle in 1957 for exercise Strike back.
  16. I don't think we got any on the Duncan when we were Fishery Protection in the early 60's. Type 14's and ice didn't mix well :lol:
  17. I got one on the Lagos a battle class destroyer the first ship up there in the first Cod War. Got recalled from leave to go there in 58. Don't know where it is now though.
  18. I have a couple , one of which was on Argonaut on Towed Array patrol in the 80s , they came in black & white & I spent weeks hand colouring dozens of them for various members of the ships company including the Skipper , some bloody roughers up there , freezing freezing freezing , :cry:
  19. They started to use destroyers instead of the type 14 Frigates --as navyeo says!! The type 14's were literally cracking up!!
    When the Dainty got sabotaged we ended up doing her session up there aswell in early 1960. Mind you the fishers did us proud -- used to get mail
    etc and Fresh fish tastes great--even in pussers batter!!
  20. Pardon my ignorance but WTF is the Cod War? Did the UK declare war on a certain species of fish at some stage :?

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