Discussion in 'History' started by Cates, Aug 19, 2008.

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  1. Are these still available, I was relating to an uneducated civvy, how cheap these were in relation to the fags available shore side.

    Can anyomne tell me how much these fine products cost in 1979?
  2. 60/70 s £1 .50 p for 300 :thumright: if memory serves
  3. I seem to remember them at 5p for 20 and b/h 10p at sea.(1974)
  4. 300 "duty free's" a month shoreside and 600 "duty free's" a month on board ( 3 stamps / 6 stamps - with your paybook)
  5. We've covered this subject before, but when I joined in '78, it was £1.00/ hundred, shoreside only, 300/month.

    Any brand at sea, 600/month in UK waters, unlimited abroad, but woe betide anyone caught with more than 800 in their locker,(I never found out the reasoning behind this rule).

    Paybook not required, as long as you were a declared smoker.

    I used to keep a couple of hundred Blue Liners in my locker at Coulport for emergencies only, as you couldn't exactly nip down to the NAAFI if you ran out.
    This was '89, but I believe they were discontinued shortly afterwards. I'm not certain if this was due to Pusser getting a health kick, or the other two services whingeing about us getting a perk that they weren't.
  6. As a non smoker they were the best thing in the mob for getting Sub sweaters,Artic mittens/in fact anything.
    Came back adrift once[3 days and the MAA said "give me your monthly fag coupons and I'll forget it!"
    What a bargain!
  7. 1961 Chatham, Blue Liners 7 bob for 300 (35p?), DFs Reserve Fleet Guzz 5/5 per 100 (27 1/2 p ?).
  8. The pipe tobacco was very good. If I hadn't smoked i might I still have a larynx.
  9. Had you smoked the" Pricks" your coughing would be even worse.
    Issuing leaf tobacco continued post war --until about c.1950 I think.
    In lieu of tinned cigarette or pipe tobacco (ready rubbed) it was still possible to have it in leaf form.

    Wrapped in tarred hemp ( with a little neat rum ?) it was sliced and teased and smoked in the then sailors' pipes.
    Sore throat? Sore everything .
  10. I remember the blue liners from my time on HMS Blake as a bootie bloody disgusting if memory serves me correct a true cancer stick :pukel: but they were liked by my friends and helped me get my baccy dont smoke now been fag free for over 2 years now "its nice to breath"..... :whew: .
  11. The stuff in the 4 oz tins was pretty grim and dried out before you finished the tin, but the stuff in the 1 oz tins was as good as you could get outside.
  12. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    I do remember,in 1951, some of the old 3 badgers used to roll themselves a 'prick' of tobacco. It looked disgusting but they swore by it.

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