Blue liners.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by johne, May 9, 2008.

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  1. Come on then who smoked them and are you still alive. I did 5p for 20 and it nearly did me in. :pukel:
  2. No way I was brought up smoking the tab ends of my old Man's Captsan Full Strength I nicked out of the ashtray. Now that was a fag wot gave Blue Liners a run for their money.

  3. I used to like them
  4. I smoked them as I couldn't afford anything else when in training! All changed when I got to sea though with DF's!!!
  5. I wonder are the posters still on the walls around pompy dockyard pubs. XXX Blue liner coupons for an iron lung. XXXX for a state funeral. :angel12:
  6. did raleigh in 1990, my oppo who i met on the train from london was a smoker so he made me pretend to be one also. worked atreat til the PO cottoned on and made me smoke two one after the other, i honked my ring as soon as he had left

    twat!!!!! - my oppo not the PO
  7. Yeah me too! 7/- for 300, (that's 35p for you post decimalization people), but, like Nutty, I graduated to Capstan full strength (and ship's Woodbines) when I joined my first ship. Smoked for about 20 years and then gave it up in 1969.
    Yes Johne - I'm still alive!

  8. i joined in 1971 they were 42p for 200 you had to sign a smokers declaration to be able to get your fag stamps, used to get my old man the tubs of tickler that you opened by taking the lid off pulling down a blade the insert the lid back on the tin and turn dad used to put a tot of rum in then leave for a couple of days before he smoked it he thought it was the best however he died of cancer at the age of 54 in 1977 I stopped smoking 12 years ago, was it the cheap fags / who knows.
  9. As kids we used to put Capstan Full Strength in the oven for a bit to make 'em stronger ! Mind you, we also smoked tea leaves in pipes. Kids eh?

    Like 2BM, can remember Blue liners at 7/- for 300, how cheap is that? 20 Woodbines was 2/6.
  10. £1.00 per hundred when I joined.
    At Raleigh I was a dab hand at bulling boots, so used to charge a hundred blue liners to bring a pair of boots up to divisions standard.
    When I was at Coulport, I always kept a hundred in my locker for emergencies, as I couldn't exactly dash down to the NAAFI shop if I ran out.

    I take it they are no more in today's politically correct, health fascist days?
  11. 81p for 300 when I joined in '76. Many years later (27 to be exact)one of our Naval recruiters came in and plonked a silver package on my desk and said "remember these?". An unopened pack, I offered money/bribes/blackmail/my wife.....Sod still took them back. Think it might have been the offer of the wife that ruined that little deal :crazy:
  12. Stopped them in the early 90's Streaky, the story I got was because the crabs and percies complained that we got DF's in the UK and they did not.

    Still had a couple of Blue Line baccy tins (empty) until the wench threw them out last year, the baccy was shite, but I always used one of my tickets on it for when cash was starting to get a bit tight.
  13. Smoked them , but they were shite , had to suck them to death to get a decent drag ,
  14. Always thought the quality depended on who'd swept the floor at the factory that day. Remember putting orange peel into the rolling backy to try and moisten it up.
  15. ...agree, REAL chest cutters :thumright:
  16. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Does that technique work on women too?! :? :wink:
  17. They must have been the first fags to carry a "health warning". As I remember, it went something like ----------- "These cigarettes are for the exclusive use of Officers and men of the Royal Navy and must not be sold, given away, or otherwise disposed of contrary to regulations."

    I must have misread that when I flogged my issue to an oppo after I'd packed up smoking.

    Incidentally, anyone else remember when the coupons were for SOAP and tobacco, and you could get three blocks of Pusser's hard in addition to your fags?

  18. Used to get 300 when ashore and 600 when at sea.
    Tickler was good as was the pipe tobacco.
    Very useful currancy as well.
    My DO went on leave having bummed 300 off me,didn't tell me it was leave and draft .Barsteward!!
  19. Blue Liners were shore side issue only in my time (Gawd, did I really say that?)300 a month. At sea you could get branded ciggies. 600 in home waters, unlimited (in theory) when foreign.
  20. Blue Liners?

    Sobranie by choice, 1963 ....

    Still on 20+ a day at 63.
    Mind you, smoking 20 a day killed my Aunt ... at 94.

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