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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by stirling2, Nov 29, 2006.

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  1. When did the issue stop?...we had 600 a month for 8/- in the 60's, or the equivilant in rolling/pipe tobacco. 8/-, 40p in todays money would only buy 2tabs today !!.
  2. I used to keep some in my locker for emergencies only when I was at Coulport in '89.

    £5.00/100 if memory serves me.

    I remember them at £1.00/100 in '78 when I joined.
  3. Emergency use only , awful fxxxxxxxxxxg things, gave up the fags 2-1/2 years ago , so pleased I did , I was on 2 packs a day , £10 a day , fingers crossed never again ,
  4. Half a Crown per hundred I remember, sold on at 10/- per hundred. Never smoked, so I was well in, financially.
    I also remember that 100 fags could get you a pair of Flight Deck/Steaming bats too. :)
  5. 3 Red stamps = 300 plain / Filter ciggies
    3/4 lb Pipe tobacco
    3/4 lb Cigarette tobacco

    If you were on 600 per month, you were probably on Blue stamps - or you had an oppo who was a Dusty, unless you were one yourself ?

    As for costs, they changed over the years, and the issues must have ended after the late 70s because I was still selling them through slops when I left in 79.
    I didn't indulge in the weed myself, but used my own stamps (don't troop me, please Joss !!) to cover any shortfalls in the stock which was always seemed to be the case despite the care taken in stocktakes..!!

  6. It was 3 hundred a month or 3/4 pounds of tobacco or pipe tobacco
    when at Prestwick my mate was the chief writer so unlimited supply of stamps, but dont tell anyone or I`ll drop him in the siht.
  7. They must have been shitcanned in about 85
  8. Must have had a senior was 300
  9. I remember them in collinggrad in 88 /89 used to sell them onto a female aquaintances father who was ex mob for a nice profit and the services of his daughter good deal all round
  10. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Rosyth LRG '89. Scylla/Juno Quarterdeck Parts of Ship. POS PO was the tightest Jock you ever met, and would never give you anything for free. But I had a nice little thing going going, whereby I would declare myself a 'Smoker' in order to draw my fag stamps from the Ship's Office.

    I would then cycle up to Cochrane SLOPS and draw my blue liners; three square silver-foil wrapped boxes. Maybe stop off for a sneaky pint in the Lion Club, then cycle back on board. Give the POS PO my DFs... and he would guarentee a Make 'n' Mend every Friday afternoon and Monday morning, ensuring I could catch the lunchtime/early morning flights between Edinburgh/Heathrow.

    Happy days! :wink:
  11. Think issued ended in 89/90 - The reason given was it was not fair on the pongos and crabs a they were not entitled to DF's in the UK - I used to split it 200 tipped & tin of rolling baccy and I liked them, but there again I was considerd a bit on the stange side
  12. I think it was 98 per 100 in 78.I stopped smoking Blue liners after loosing my voice for 5 days!(not good for a Class Leader at Raleigh!)Then went over to Tickler.The tins came in handy as well!
  13. Stirling;
    Me thinks you right first time. 600 a month, had to give them away, not enough lung to smoke the lot. Where the **** did the stamps come from? I don't remember any stamps. Can't say I miss them, new year resolution last January. Did it in one go, pity about the weight but will get it down.
  14. Am i right in thinking they came in packs of 25 and you could only take one pack ashore each day? or 200 for over seven days?
  15. Blue Liners came in silver foil packs of 100, one for each stamp (coupon). 300 being the monthly maximum whilst ashore. These were made for Pusser by Sobrane or British Associated Tobaccoes. They carried the blue line down the length of the cigarette with the words H.M. Ships only. On crossing the 12 mile excise barrier when at sea, your allowance changed to 600 per month with a different stamp (coupon) of any chosen brand purchased through the NAAFI Canteen onboard. Blue Liner stamps (coupon) were maroon but changed colours at the end of the enforceable month and DF always Light Blue.
    Night leave was 25 cigarettes enforcable by the Reg Staff on leaving the ship or the MOD Police on passing through the dockyard gate. Many regulators turned a blind eye but the Modplod did not.

    Long Leave of 7 days or more was 200 cigarettes, no matter what the length of leave.

    The cigarettes came in packets of 20. Unfortunately I cannot remember the weight of tobacco allowed, time has faded my memory.

    Pusser was very good to the lads in my time giving them rum, beer at cheap prices and smokes at 2/6d per 100. :wink:

    Jack trying to smuggle fags through the dockyard gate, was a valuable source of fags for the modplod as I never once saw any returned for confiscation. :roll:
  16. Oh i remember the tot!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D
  17. I have vague memories of blueliners being hald a crown a hundred when I joined in 64. I would concur they were not good for the throat and I ended up smoking a pipe much of the time.

    Pussers good pipe tobacco in the 1 ounce tins was pretty good.

  18. Trust me - I was a Dusty, only 300 ( 3 Red Stamps) were issued per month for Blue Liners in UK.

    If it was 600 (6 Blue Stamps) it was any other make (sold by the Can Man) on ships in the Med etc. In Home waters it was 500 (5 Blue Stamps), further east it was no stamps at all, because you could buy all you liked.

  19. Got stopped by modplod leaving Faslane - over my allowance by 15 fags (packed in a hurry as been duty the night before (my mate was carrying 200 for me though so no shortage on leave)) offered to take them back to my Office/accom explaining that it was accidental as I had been in a hurry and 15 were in my jacket from last run ashore, Plod did not confiscate but made me destroy them one by one - typical little hitler!
  20. I thought they were made by Gallagher's,they used to have G.Ltd on the back as i remember.They were still shite though!

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