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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by thingy, Jan 25, 2008.

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  1. I'm not altogether clear where to place this, but here goes.

    The Department of Transport is having a consultation process on the Blue Badge Scheme looking into eligibility and penalties for misuse (their proposals for dealing with abusers are too gentle IMHO) - lop off a limb or two and make them disabled I say! :twisted:

    Anyway, the Written Ministerial Statement announcing this is here:

    The consultation document and associated papers are available here:

  2. and THEN give them a Blue Badge?? o_O :thumbdown:
  3. The Blue badge scheme is a lifesaver for many. Unfortunately the way that they are issued seems to be a bit of a lottery, and their abuse by those who should not be entitled to them is legendary.
    So why not have a system which is regulated so that all applicants are treated fairly.
    Also a photograph of the holder should be included on the front of the badge to try and discourage system abuse.
  4. Certainly, but then see how they like it when ablebodied drivers park in the disabled parking spots. Of course the real solution is for the government to provide all disabled people with sedan chairs..... now that would be fun!
  5. Seems the entire scheme has lost respect and is open to abuse, both by the holders and the users of said spaces.
    There would be little harm in going back to basics, properly specifying who is available to use them, and totally reinventing it.
    In fact doing that with just about all parking regs would not go amiss.
  6. I thought all Blue badges had to have a photo on them ? My mother had hers attached, and which was laminated and therefore (theoretically) couldn't be misused. But this was a few years ago in Medway.
  7. What amazes me is that whenever I walk down the pedestrianised area of my local town, it is toppers with expensive cars adorned with personalised number plates and, of course, blue badges. The icing on the cake was when I saw a car which waited patiently for the prime disabled parking place right outside Gregg's, despite other places being free within a stone's throw. A young man of about 30 stone got out, waddled into said pie shop, and emerged two minutes later with a large bag of (presumably) fattening fare, got back into his motability luxury sedan, and drove off. :pig:
  8. Now I opened this expecting to read about the last or last few Blue Badge WRENS were reaching the end of their service or similar.

    OK are there any Blue Badge WRENS left in Pusser?


  9. You seem to have missed the gentle touch of irony :eek:ccasion9: No matter :thumright:

    I am a Blue Badge holder and the ones in this part of the world are laminated, enclosing a mugshot and sig to cut down on fakes. There are those unentitled peeps who use Disabled parking areas.....they tend towards oafishness and are probably beyond hope
  10. was on a previous thread re.this and it was covered.No question it is abused, any big city pub will get you a badge,if they can fake passports then this is easy for them.
    Waiting for my wife at the doctors car park yesterday I saw a young man drive up in a new car,jumped out and removed two walking sticks,hobbled into the doctors,I was still there when he came out,hobbled down the road then threw the sticks in the car and jumped in.So there you have it,Doctors can't be bothered,it's easy for the Government to say jobless are coming down but incapacity has soared.
    Stricter tests are the only answer with cars confiscated if abused.
    A 300 quid fine is not going to stop this and there's no room in the nick,got to take their cars.
  11. Currently taking the 1st at Nelson to task over widespread abuse of disabled parking with in HMS Nelson by Naval personnel… :banghead:
  12. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Oil_Slick: I know that the new accommodation blocks in HMS Nelson were required (Equal Ops legislation, I assume) to have designated Disabled Parking spaces outside, but I would be interested to know how many HMS Nelson Car Pass holders are registered as disabled? And has there been a reported incident of a disabled driver reporting a non-entitled vehicle in a disabled space? If so, what was the outcome? :?
  13. I did a bit of temp work a couple of years back with Social Services on the Badge Badge Team for the local council, you wouldn't believe how many people turn up fine and dandy into the Civic Center and then as soon as the Occupational Health people turn up they are limping, hobbling and everything!

    They're worth alot out on the street, more than your law abiding citizen would think and despite having a photo and being laminated, they are often misused as the photo isn't displayed when on the dash. So what the councils often do is annotate the dashboard side up with "O/F or O/M" so when the parking warden / parking attendant turn ups they know who to be looking for. ;)

  14. What do the letters stand for?
  15. 'obbling female and 'obbling male :money:
  16. :thumright: :biggrin:
  17. My mate (a below knee amputee) calls his badge his "lucky badge".

    This is after he drove his mother in law to town and parked in a disabled bay adjacent to the shop they were visiting.

    She commented on how "lucky" he was to have the badge

  18. I am. How many pass holders are registered disabled. Well as Nelson doesn't bother finding out, (Breach of DDA), it's hard to say. I'm the only one of know of in Nelson.

    The bay I used is routinely blocked either by FSL's builders vans (big bay is handy for leaving your van parked up in for a few days), or by matlots who can't be arsed to walk.

    MDP are happy to move them but no clamps or fines in 10 years. PITA having to get them out.
  19. The main problem with the BB Scheme is the way it's run.

    If you are genuinely disabled medically you get DLA and your vehicle is classed as Tax Exempt. We get our BB as a right.

    Problem comes, if your older, just fat or have a 'helpful' Dr, you can get a letter from a Doctor saying you have problems walking and SS will also give you a BB for £2 but you still pay car tax. Most BB's are these ones, no medical required.

    So……… If you ever want to know if the person with the BB is medically disabled just look at the tax disk. If they pay car tax they got their badge for £2 and a doctors note.
  20. You do eventually, but usually after you have been told by Social Services/your local council [yes really!] or your GP [ :roll: ] that people who work aren't disabled! There does seem to be a widely held belief by officials that disabled people cannot do any work or are all in wheelchairs! My local social services insisted that men cannot get osteoporosis or suffer from incontinence (I wear pads all the time)

    Unless they get a lift from an able-bodied person because they cannot drive themselves - as my mother does from my sister.

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