Blue Angels

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by scouse, May 5, 2013.

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  1. How low can you go:angel8:

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  2. Still got a bit more to go.

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  3. Good pics Scouse !
  4. Don't think they use JATO anymore on the herc, it was trashing airframes.
  5. you are not wrong. Min 2:20

  6. The C130 that broke up was a US aircraft that was trialling the system prior to a tactical extraction the following day, (Operation Talon (Iranian hostage)). I believe all the crew died in the crash.
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  7. Wrong! I would not have been so flippant if they had.

    " a medical evacuation helicopter dispersed the flame and crash response teams extinguished the fire within eight seconds of the aircraft stopping, enabling the crew to safely exit the aircraft"

    Ref. Operation Credible Sport - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  8. Topstop, hence my comment 'I believe'!!!!
  9. I believe the blue angles herc used to do it at air shows, very impressive.

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  10. I remember the Blue Angels displaying at Yeovilton in 1964 ; they used either Tigers with a Cougar as a "spare" , or the other way around !! Anyway ,I thought that they were all quite mad , but more exciting than the Red Arrows' Gnats or the Red Pelicans JPs !!
    At the time , I was in the "Royal Guard" for Prince Philip ; I wonder if there are any more "survivors" out there ??
    Ex- 766 NAS "pinkie" !!
  11. Saw the first show by the Reds, last Sunday at Duxford, Was a very good performance and back to a 9 ship formation, most of the different airforce teams are very good and each have their own speciality. I have pics of quite a few, from the South Koreans to the Saudi's etc.
  12. YouTube 800 squadron display team Seahawks
  13. Jumper tuckers!!!
  14. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

  15. 738 Squadron Red Devils. YouTube
  16. Not forgetting the Red Barrows.

  17. and the Desert Prats


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