bloody weather

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by -buggy-, May 14, 2008.

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  1. Dont know how many of you live here in "sunny" Guzz , but ifyou do then you will know how shite the weather has been in the past couple hours ! I have spent most of my time fixing a leak and the old lady next door was spinning dits about how she was nearly struck by lightning earlier... i hate this place !!!


    (sorry but it had to come out !)
  2. Thanks for the warning its started to look decidedly iffy out here now
  3. Sunny up North. :w00t:
  4. how far from plymouth are you ?

    it wasnt pretty earlier
  5. Smiff
  6. I give you northerners 'till tomorrow my luvvers :) its on its way up to you as we speak
  7. the MET office has released a severe weather warning for the southwest for tonight and tomorrow .
    I only purchased my sun tan lotion 3 days ago!
  8. Is Union Strasse in Guzz still sunny. Haaa :glomp:
  9. suns always shining there mate :pukel:
  10. Buggy, I'm off to Iceland at the end of the month to ESCAPE the HEAT of SE England. That said Spain this February was decidedly colder than expected and I even shivered (very briefly) at one point.

    Iceland rarely gets hotter than 10C! :) :) :) A few years ago, when London suffered its hottest temperature recorded, I was drinking hot coffee by an open fire somewhere sufficiently cool, in Iceland, that snow was gently falling... in AUGUST!!! :razz:
  11. Thats the best idea i've heard in ages , i dont mind the hot weather at the time but its the crap that you have to put up with after the sun has gone because of humidity/pressure and so on .... thunderstorms . And the bloody leak i had in the ceiling i nearly ran out of saucepans.
    Next summer i will take a leaf out of your book and bugger off to iceland where the weather is NICER !!! have a good trip :thumright:
  12. Went to Spain last month. Bloody freezing. Wind Rain .Great. :toilet:
  13. right then, spain is off the list this year !
  14. Thingy. Remind me what the price of beer is in Iceland.

    We have a wet and cold Bath this morning!
  15. Very sunny and warm here in Stoke on Trent,time for my Pimms again.
  16. still shite down here but nowhere near as bad as yesterday.
    Dartmoor got battered last night.
  17. Isle of Wight - cold dank and gloomy! Who turned the solar heating off???
  18. Weather has been terrible here too. Clear blue skies, warm breezes and no rain - we've been restricted to using lawn sprinklers on only 1 day a week; good job I have an artesian well as back up otherwise the orange trees would suffer. :bball:

  19. NZ was sunny all day, it's supposed to be late Autumn and the weather is still good...Hydro Electric lake reservoirs are low though, so NZ may be in for a dark winter, break out the candles and chuck another log on the woodburner and damn the Carbon Credits.
  20. More like "Time to slip into something woolley". :thumright:


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