Bloody Sunday

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by UncleAlbert, Jun 15, 2010.

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    TOTAL COST: £195 Million

    Results out today.....Value for money?????

  2. Not really.
    Cameron said our soldiers were second to none - pah, they only got 14, if they were any good, they would have got a lot more. :)
  3. Strictly speaking it was 13.

    The NHS gets to claim the other one! :D
  4. The above is the most pathetic, nasty, dim-witted posts I have seen on this forum.
  5. There certainly seems to be some huge gaps in conclusions drawn, at least from the little information I have seen. IE Martin McGuiness was there, had a machine gun but it cannot be said if he fired it or "Lord Saville said that one victim probably had nail bombs but that he was running away when he was shot." These don't to me seem the actions of a purely peaceful protest. I can't condone the killing of innocents but in such a chaotic situation it must have been very difficult for both sides.
  6. What a boring, stupid, Brown loving Jockanese you are. Boy you must be a right ball of fun when your out.
  7. The results of this report are not very exact it seems. I think maybe the inquiry should have been canned a long time ago and the report never published. But of course that would have also caused a 'scandal' and caused the paddies to accuse the govt of a cover up. Wonder what comes next? With they drag the soldiers involved through the courts? If so, i wouldnt like to put money on their life expectancy.

    Not a good day for the Army.

    *The above is merely my opinion. Before anyone starts bringing the incoming down on my swede*
  8. Regardless, seeing Martin McGuiness' smug face on tv programme thingie proclaiming 'victory for justice' will make me sick to the core. Wonder how long til the other scum Adams appears
  9. Your the one and it's plain for all to see who has made a complete arse of himself, when you grow up you will hopefully learn to engage brain before mouth. That's it from me, so any response from you to me will be a waste of bandwidth.
  10. It would be nice to have a multi-gazillion pound enquiry into various republican atrocities, with alleged Irish government collusion, but as all the paramilitaries have been pardoned and released from prison I presume it would be tricky.

    How an enquiry 30 years after an event can work out who fired the first shot is beyond me. The obvious proximity of firearms and petrol bombs etc makes me think that all is not as innocent as is made out. But I think we all knew the conclusions this enquiry would draw.
  11. Maaaaw - gonna tell you dad are you wimp. I've never know such a boring ********, are you always like this or is this a special occassion.
    Grasp your ears firmly and pull; you might just be able to remove your head from you ass.
  12. It was always going to condemn the Forces and was always going to be about appeasing the Irish. It should never have even been begun. And before anyone says owt, yes it was a Labor Inquiry, but Fragrant Dave should have listened to his advisors and kept the lid on it rather than giving smug mcguiness something to crow about.

    I do however feel sorry for the innocents who were killed (as im sure there were at least some among them who did no wrong) but I dont see how Cameron has the right to apologise on my behalf (as a tax payer and voter- even though i never voted for the Tories) for something I dont believe we owe an apology for.

    Shame really, wonder what the wasted money could have paid for............
  13. Since when did a "peaceful human rights protest" allow you to carry and throw rocks and missiles at other people?One of those paddies that got shot and survived actually said he was throwing bricks and stones at the Troops!!Thats not foooking innocent to me!!!
  14. You have to admire their tenacity, don't you? 38 years of winges and drips until someone agrees with them. Never mind, what goes around comes around. The next report will probably overturn this one and it will be back to square one.
  15. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    It's bad and it shouldn't have happened. But it did.

    So did lots of bombings that killed lots of people not connected whatsoever to the Military on the mainland who were not goading anyone by throwing bricks or carrying arms/petrol bombs.

    It's shite. Fact. Time to move on.
  16. At least it is now done and published and, as Blackrat says, time to move on. The whole thing was a boil waiting to be lanced - now the interesting thing will be to see if the families really did just want to see the names of their loved ones cleared or whether opportunists are going to want to make more of it.

    As for legal action against the soldiers involved - not a chance 38 years on. Using contemporaneous witness statements for an Inquiry is one thing, using those same witness statements (or even calling the witnesses themselves if they are still around) for a criminal prosecution - a totally different kettle of fish
  17. Fink,

    i notice you havent said anything about Warrenpoint... or Eniskillen... or any of the other atrocities attributed to the Irish terrorist organisations, including the murder of many other soldiers in Northern Ireland, but i guess after all, it was just a 'Peacfull' protest wasnt it, !!!!!!
  18. The problem was that it was a largely peaceful march and it was impossible to identify or separate the troublemakers.

    What the Saville said was unequivocal:-

    * No warning had been given to any civilians before the soldiers opened fire
    * None of the soldiers fired in response to attacks by petrol bombers or stone throwers
    * Some of those killed or injured were clearly fleeing or going to help those injured or dying
    * None of the casualties was posing a threat or doing anything that would justify their shooting
    * Many of the soldiers lied about their actions

    The indiscipline of Les Berets Cerise certainly made the subsequent 25 years entertaining.
  19. The IRA killed 60 soldiers and policemen in 1971 before bloody Sunday. And the Irish Terrorists were absolved. I just hope the law treats everyone the same. However I don't think it will. I hope like Blackrat has said, it's time to move on.

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