Bloody snow!! RNAC cancelled!

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Navy_Wolf1987, Jan 7, 2010.

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  1. Bugger it! Bloody weather! Dammit! Sonofagun!!!!

    This better not screw up my start date!
  2. The fact that the RNAC was cancelled is not your fault and should have little or no bearing on your start date.
  3. HNY drakey. Hows your foot?
  4. I'm supposed to have mine on the 25th Jan. I hope it don't get cancelled because of the weather.

    How and when did you find out it was cancelled?

    Like you said bloody weather!
  5. Got a phone call from Collingwood this morning!

    No ones fault just this damned weather - think theres more snow on the way!!!
  6. spending a few days in collingwood, doing a bit of marching, PT, a couple of leaderhip tasks and ironing kit is not where the "real" navy is at....places like collingwood, sultan etc are there to SUPPORT the front line...sometimes, that (imo) is forgotton and most people who have spent a bit of time at the "pointy" end of the job really dislike going back to these places to do courses

    no doubt, I will get slated for telling you this..but hey ho

    in other words...dont worry about it too much fellas
  7. yeah the snow is a bitch, Trying to run on roads is impossible just sliding all over the place

    To the gym I guess
  8. I have it on good authority that Collingwood is closed until Monday.
  9. It sure is and us poor sods left behind as we're duty have spent the last 3 days clearing the parade groundof snow. It better NOT snow tonight!! :evil:
  10. I just read on Facebook about somebody's amusement at watching the duty guys having to clear the snow up the other day :lol:
  11. funny to watch I'm sure, not to take part in I assure you. Life in a blue suit though! :)
  12. What a coincidence that was!! :roll:
  13. Seeing as hammers is the one they were laughing at, it is :lol:
  14. I was ment to be on that intake with you as well! We could have been good buddies, sir.

    This is destiny I guess. Things happen for a reason. Fate doesn't like the idea of me meeting you!
  15. only bad if you believe in love at first sight
  16. Haha, cancelled? I passed out on Friday, we did 'wacky Wednesday' in the snow it was frigging beautiful.
    I'm hoping it pours down tonight and HMS Sultan is closed like it was last week cos then I get free leave at home, as approved by OCIRT of Raleigh :p

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