Bloody police!


War Hero
I wonder what JD is up to these days, she was bench testing clockwork cucumbers and writing reviews on them last I heard.
Just goes to show, the old saying that "you can't fix stupid" is true. Well, you can actually, but it carries a life sentence for the 'fixer'.....:)


War Hero
If the police find him, other than a stiff talking to what can they do?
Moron needs to see evidence of injuries around train's, but it wouldn't change him, he would probably moan his freedom to live as he pleases was being violated.
[Bumped for it's Six-Monthly airings]


Said Jenny Dabber(Chuckling to her Heroic Brother)

"So glad we moved here well before B****T, Brother dear.

These Continental 2-year-olds are far more appreciative than those back over there on British Rail."
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