Bloody police!


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I wonder what JD is up to these days, she was bench testing clockwork cucumbers and writing reviews on them last I heard.
Just goes to show, the old saying that "you can't fix stupid" is true. Well, you can actually, but it carries a life sentence for the 'fixer'.....:)


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If the police find him, other than a stiff talking to what can they do?
Moron needs to see evidence of injuries around train's, but it wouldn't change him, he would probably moan his freedom to live as he pleases was being violated.
[Bumped for it's Six-Monthly airings]


Said Jenny Dabber(Chuckling to her Heroic Brother)

"So glad we moved here well before B****T, Brother dear.

These Continental 2-year-olds are far more appreciative than those back over there on British Rail."


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They arent cases, they're scenarios. Scenarios that get rehashed and spouted by the public and media time in time out. the yawn respresents the countless times I have heard this rubbish.

As for the responding, they are responded to by us within minutes of us receiving a call from the control room. That fact that its been waiting for 4-5 hours or longer in a queue is not the fault of the attending officer.

Anybody on this forum should be aware of how the media like to portray any uniformed service, look up, oh lets say the chaps/esses arrested by Iranian sailors, The firebrigade leaving a LIVING woman down a hole until she died and calling the mission a success because they retrived her dead body, paramedics traking hours to respond to a cardiac want me to go on?
How legal is the "Just come and sit in my car"routine? Imprisoned without caution false arrest.
Welcome back @jesse.

1. Although he was then a serving Copper don't expect owt from Jimpy (Last seen Sep 14, 2013)

2. You asked the same Q a while back;

jesse Thread Sep 28, 2016 Replies: 6 Forum: Diamond Lil's

Best Answer was

Here's a completely impartial and unbiased account of how do deal with Her Majesty's Constabulary:
3. Ermm - Is there something you are not telling us ??
When ? Sometime within last 12 months and I'd hazard a guess 'twas a poor & belated attempt at disguising her PERSEC, bless.

Meanwhile, her heroic Bro. is back on the circuit...


Seen here rescuing a mentally-aged 4yr old from the top of a Tube this time
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