Bloody police!


andy reeves9

Today, my brother saved a child!

He was waiting at a main train station, as a grestwestern train pulled up. A mother got off the train, with her 2yr old but slipped, cracked her head and the child dropped down, under the train. Apparently there was another train just about to pass on the opposite track.

My brother, without a second thought, jumped down under the train and grabbed the child, before returning to the platform.

Did he get any thanks from the old bill? No! They gave him a b*ll*cking for going onto the track and said he could be faced with a criminal charge!

What utter fecking pricks!!!!!!
sad thing this kind of this doesn't surprise anymore


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The last we heard of Jenny Dabber was that she had started her own website where she tested Sex Toys.
Why have we not seen any photo's of her using these?


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Maybe he needs some training, he is not very good at that job?
He'll get that where he's going, although it may not be effective. I wonder how many times we've had to pay for his residential training courses in the past?
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