Bloody police!

Discussion in 'RR Greatest Threads' started by Jenny_Dabber, Mar 26, 2010.

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  1. Today, my brother saved a child!

    He was waiting at a main train station, as a grestwestern train pulled up. A mother got off the train, with her 2yr old but slipped, cracked her head and the child dropped down, under the train. Apparently there was another train just about to pass on the opposite track.

    My brother, without a second thought, jumped down under the train and grabbed the child, before returning to the platform.

    Did he get any thanks from the old bill? No! They gave him a b*ll*cking for going onto the track and said he could be faced with a criminal charge!

    What utter fecking pricks!!!!!!
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  2. I had to check the date to be sure it wasn't April 1st.

    If it was me, I would hope they did take me to court - pricks.
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  3. JD

    BZ to Bruv. Sorry but this is epedimic in the UK, there was a story the other day about a lady who got a young lad down from a tree at school was was visited by the police for tresspass, best part was the Teachers had retreated into the school for saftey and didn't bother to try and get the kid down themselves.
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  4. Sad state of affairs :roll:

    For my April fools, I will be attempting...............
  5. said coppers should be sacked forthwith fuckin idiots
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  6. In olden days he would have been given a medal and a cash reward.
    The world has gone mad and the lunatics have finally taken over.
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  7. Sorry as a serving cop J.D is talking P pish
    Heard this story about six months ago in my station, suggest somebodys is talking b"ollocks.
  8. 8O WHAT! JD? (or 'er Bruv?) Talking Bollocks? Mmmmmmmm........

    :coffee2: :happy1:
  9. After 10 years service these storys get quite boring, heres a paraphrased selection so some other shite to expect in the future, that I have heard, oh countless times regurgitated by the public and the papers

    1) My dad disarmed a knife carrier who was mugging an old lady and the police charged him with assault, yawn

    2) My sister got jumped in the street by 4 girls and when she punched one she got charged!!!!! Because the police had it on CCTV.....yawn

    3) I phoned the police because my house was broken into last year and they have yet to turn up.....yawn

    4) my aunt got done for being four times over the limit and she wasnt even driving the car.....yawn
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  10. oh so thats how the police respond to these cases, they yawn through them?
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  11. When it comes to shooting innocent Brazilian sparkies...... they're sh1t hot ! 8O
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  12. Couldn't even to that properly though could they, and perhaps they weren't "Real Plod" anyway. Just a thought
  13. Jimpy, off topic but....

    We had a 'theft' at our business a couple of months ago. Cash bag (£200) lifted whilst the stafff were distracted, thief had legged it before loss was discovered. All recorded on CCTV and our beat Bobby arrived within the hour. He recognised the villain and arrested him within days. Fingerprints also confirmed ID.

    At Magicians Court last week the scrote (absent) was tried, excellent evidence from beat bobby, & the Magis returned a Guilty of Burglary result (as it had been stolen from a private area.) This Villain had considerable form and a warrant is now out for him. Possible recompense in slow time when he is eventually caught.

    Although our business rates increased by a crippler of 12.5% last week, at least we receive value from the Policing Contribution if nothing else.

    So - a big BZ to that Bobby, and all of you boys in blue, too.

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  14. Let's get back on Topic and await a response from the Jenny_Dabber......
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  15. Agree,

    but I must say I heard a similar story last year :?
  16. They arent cases, they're scenarios. Scenarios that get rehashed and spouted by the public and media time in time out. the yawn respresents the countless times I have heard this rubbish.

    As for the responding, they are responded to by us within minutes of us receiving a call from the control room. That fact that its been waiting for 4-5 hours or longer in a queue is not the fault of the attending officer.

    Anybody on this forum should be aware of how the media like to portray any uniformed service, look up, oh lets say the chaps/esses arrested by Iranian sailors, The firebrigade leaving a LIVING woman down a hole until she died and calling the mission a success because they retrived her dead body, paramedics traking hours to respond to a cardiac want me to go on?
  17. Really? So the main railway station he was at, the witnesses were all imagining it?

    Weird huh :roll:
  18. I'm sure something like this would at least make the local evening paper...any chance of a link to it?
  19. oooo this is interesting

    JD telling a story which she's leading people to believe to be true (I'm not saying it isn't). Then we have a copper saying she's lying because he's heard a similar story before

    There's only one way to sort this!


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