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Bloody phones


War Hero
How do you get Apps? told I had to get "G-Mail" address, got one put in details comes back invalid address even tough I`ve started to get allsorts of crap through on it already.

Tried my own E-Mail address I`ve used for years, no worky. the font of all knowledge the Granddaughter is stumped too.


War Hero
For Apples Apps you need to have iTunes installed on your PC. Then go to iTunes store and try and log in. It will ask for a valid ID or open an account.

I believe other types of phones, Windows phones etc are starting to call their programmes 'Apps' too, just to add to the confusion.

If you could be more specific, type of phone. PC's OS etc it may give the geeks more of a chance to answer your question more accurately!

I am a mere bone head when it comes to mobiles. (A Doro is all I can manage):sleepy1:


Apple ID account allows you to pay for apps without entering payment details each time, you also need apple acct if you download music from iTunes


It is an android phone you have, you get applications from an icon that looks like a small bag called the Play Store not from itunes as it is not an apple phone you have. when you tap on the play store icon what does it come up saying?


War Hero
Got it, had to register with Samsung on laptop, couldnt on phone, and then sign in on phone, bloody complicated, all I wanted was a torch


War Hero
Tops, I feel your pain! Yesterday I downloaded my first app! Just bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab. So being a Jock, immediately went to Google and put in 'free apps' - then just downloaded all the ones I wanted - Rum Ration, ARRSE and a couple of others! Best one is the one that tells you what you are looking at in the night sky! Now have a selection of Lee Child books and others, loads of phots and loads of CDs on there. Simples!


War Hero
Google play "Apps" much simpler, just agree and it downloads no faffing about

The Sky Map looks good but its pissing down at the moment 10/10ths


Book Reviewer
Chaps ignore the Samsung Apps Hub, just use the "play store" far easier and you can then ignore the samsung account too and if you want the anti theft/locate features just download AVG for your device and it will do that too.<br><br>Its easy once you realise you have have a google email account and that is to tie the phone to the whole apps environment and you can still keep and use your other email accounts if you want to for communicating.


War Hero
Google play "Apps" much simpler, just agree and it downloads no faffing about

The Sky Map looks good but its pissing down at the moment 10/10ths

IT IS BRILLIANT! Took my tablet outside when I had the dogs out at midnight, and had a little play as there wasn't a cloud in the sky. It even identified the big bright shiny thing as 'moon', just in case!


War Hero
Loving the fact that RR ers are going Android! Are you using Tapatalk for RR? I used to be able to get RR via Tapatalk but the search seems to go on for ever when I try now.
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