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bloody long tunnel and only a little light

Well after months of wrangling and one appeal (they were going to make me wait another year before I could reapply), I have finally passed the first medical of my officer application.

Apparently I am now classed as 'Fit to enter' (the code Jp22 something or other was mentioned).

Obviously this is great, what is less appealing is the second medical further down the line. I am applying for the FAA as my first choice (observer), and then warfare officer as my second, and my one question is;

having finally passed this medical, is it possible/likely that they will bring up exactly the same condition at my second medical - and possibly bar my entry because of it? What I mean really is, now that this issue has been resolved, is that it done and dusted or is it just as likely that it will be brought up again at my second medical?

I mean I would guess not as it would be a waste of my time and theirs, but I am in no real position to guess at any of this.

Right well that was all really, thanks anybody that sheds some light. I have been reading all the medical related threads on this board but haven't really found any info that answers my question.


War Hero
Doubtless Angrydoc will give you a definitive answer, however now you're MedCat P2 (Fit for Entry) you will need an Aircrew medical which involves job specific medical criteria & quite possibly you will need to meet Colour Perception standard CP1 for Aircrew & Warfare Officer if you haven't already undergone the Lantern Test.

As long as your previously investigated condition didn't involve asthma (a problem area for Aircrew), then you are passed clear for entry providing you pass the more stringent standards set for aircrew (& warfare CP).
that's good news!

I have already done numerous colour tests and eyes tests etc. and have never had any problems with asthma, so looks good then (though obviously I am not quite so naive to think that I am definitely going to pass or anything silly like that).

Now just the little problem of convincing the Navy that I am actually worth having...possibly a slightly more challenging task.

Thank you for the fast response NS!
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