Bloody Hell, I'm 44!

Oh how I feel old.... only 16 years to go till retirement! :twisted: :) :) :)

Can I really be 44: middle-aged? I admit I have middle-age spread, but that predates middle-age by several years :oops:

The years roll by
(A naked roll mat)
I watch the former
Lust for the latter!
But though the balding of a pate
And age and wrinkly things set in
I still think I am but 16
And can do the things I canna do
No longer :(


War Hero
Happy Birthday Steve, i would have sent you a sailor but they are all busy writing their essays for publication by the media.
slim said:
Obviously a civill servant Steve if you can retire at 60.
Lucky you.
Thanks Slim. I'm paying £80 a month extra into my pension so I can go at 60, otherwise I'd have had to work to 63 to get in the 45 years needed for a full pension.

PS: I'm sorry you couldn't get a sailor for me. I'd help them write their essays! :wink:
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