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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Haggis_Catcher, Jan 25, 2010.

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  1. cant even go sight seeing without my photo being taken where is my bloody privacy. holiday snaps.
  2. so whats james may really like?
  3. Boxy

    I've met James. He comes across as witty, self-deprecating and highly intelligent. He's nice.
  4. still cant drive as fast as me though. :wink:
  5. Thank you, Rosie, that's definitely perked me up!
  6. Eeeeww Sol, you can have James May. He so does not do it for me, in those frightful rugby shirts and that hair. He needs a hair cut, bloody hippy. And that idiot the Hamster - him too. Would take a pair of shears to their heads soon as look at them.
  7. Hamster is just returning to his younger days. He was called "Hairy Hammond" because of his long-haired biker look when he worked in local radio about 20 years ago

    And is it just me, or has Clarkson seriously aged in the past five years?
  8. So it's true H-C, you are a big helmet :wink:

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