Bloody Funny...... comments please?


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I've just finished reading The Imperial War Museum Book of the War in Burma by Major General Julian Thompson (book HIGHLY recommended). There are numerous instances of friendly fire in it from aircraft, tanks and artillery to which I could add examples from the WW2 experiences of the senior generation of my own family.

Just one: In ca. 1941 a detachment of 1RM was paraded to witness strafing under their officer Hughie Griffith. A white tape was laid out on the ground and the marines were lined up parallel to it at a safe distance. The Spitfire pilot came in and mistook the line of upturned white faces for the tape ..


DingDong said:
I still thought it was absolutely hilarious. please please do ch 1-9 and then publish it.

Concur! I've worked with the US military on many levels, in the States, in the UK, ashore and afloat, in Kosovo and Afghanistan. Looking back I can recall a lot of really good blokes and one or two complete knobbers. No different to our own military really! Irrespective of that, I thought DS's dit was the dogs' bollocks. Like all the best humour it's based on more than just a kernel of truth.

If you've never experienced first hand the way our colonial cousins do business abroad, you could be forgiven for missing the humour. If you've never worked with the British Army, you could be forgiven for missing the humour. If you've lost the ability to laugh at the eccentricities of your own Service, you could be forgiven for missing the humour. However, for the majority of us who did get it, they'll be no forgiving Dick SumKunt if he doesn't provide us with another installment soon. If you haven't written it yet, get scribbling mate. You owe it to your fans!

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